Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wardrobe Update: DIY's

So as promised I will show you how I am updating my wardrobe. Taking the old ratty stuff I would just usually throw away, and making it wearable again. This post will consist of the one shirt I wore to see Brave.

So I decided to crop my top. I took my old hand-me-down shirt my brother gave me after he got too big for it and basically cut it all up. The shirt was faring pretty badly, there were holes everywhere! So to the chopping block it went!

What my shirt looked like before, without styling or anything.

Things you will need:
1. Marker, or something to mark where you will cut your shirt.

2. Sharp scissors, fabric scissors, or cutting blade. A way to cut the material.

3. A ruler, or a something that will make a nice straight line. Not pictured above.

I suggest that you put the shirt on, and see where you want it cropped at. You want to wear it after all and you want to feel comfortable wearing it out. This way you have an idea where to cut.
Take your marker and mark on the shirt where you want to roughly cut it.

Take your shirt and using the ruler draw a line across your shirt.
You don't have to do a straight line like I did, if you want to do a tilted line or zig-zag's do it! It is your shirt, have fun.

*~ I decided that I wanted my back to be a little bit longer than my front, here are some pictures of that. This is a step you don't have to do, this was just me making it my own type of style. ~*

For this part I made a slight curve and matched it up to the front line so it wouldn't look choppy.

Next step is to cut! On the line(s) that you made.
Here I am cutting up the seam because of the two different lengths in my shirt.

Next you cut off anything else you want, or you are done! Ta-da!
For my shirt I also cut off the sleeves and the collar. They had holes in them, and cutting them off created a nice breezy shirt that is perfect for summer.

That is what I did to my Shirt for the OOTD when we went to see Brave. I hope this encourages you to rescue some old items that you were going to throw away, and make them part of your wardrobe once again.


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