Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Very Special Birthday Meet To You!

Once again I am writing about this pretty late! But better late then never right!?

The next lolita meet I went to was a birthday party to one of our Mods at the local comm! You might recognize her! I couldn't wait to go back to high tea and get all dressed up, and we had plans for after too! It was going to be a great day!

AND once again I was happy my great friend Jamie was going with me! But UNLIKE all the previous times she had to work before hand so we were going to meet up at the Brown Palace.
It was very weird getting ready with out her and leaving to get downtown by myself, but weirdly enough we meet up sooner than we thought!

Bus/Light rail selfie!
The light rail was having issues and so stopped running, and at first I was just sitting around and waiting and Jamie texted me letting me know she would be at the stop where I was soon! So I got off and we met up super early! Then walked/bused the couple of blocks left to the Brown Palace.
While on the way to the meet me and Jamie stopped and took some outfit pictures with Graffiti!

I really love this picture, I wish you all could see Jamie's but alas the world is cruel.
This outfit was inspired by my old school Metamorphose dress! So I tried to create a old school co-ord!

Of course some people canceled last minute, but there still a good amount of people. We were there for Chocolatehime's birthday!!!!

The food plates they brought out with Scones, finger sandwiches, and desserts on the top!

Close up of the roses on the table! Picture is not mine see below for links~

Look at that face, super attractive right? And next to me is my friend Bryce

And Chocolatehime's birthday cupcake!
Really it was the same old of the previous Brown Palace Meet except it was a happier meet and at a different table. (The last meet was a good bye party). We also had some new people there as well and not the same people as before! After eating we found an empty room and decided the only smart thing to do was to take tons of pictures. Firstly, here is my OOTD:

Old School:
JSK- Metamorphose
Blouse- Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Socks- Secret Shop
Bow- Metamorphose
Shoes- Bodyline
Accessories-Off Brand

Of course its not a real post if I don't have group/ funny pictures!

Serious group picture of us though me and Jamie are being kinda goofy~

Me and Jamie worshiping Chocolatehime and her cat's tea party dress

The birthday girls outfit picture! I don't know the details but thought I would just add it in here because it is her birthday we are celebrating!
After taking some pictures some of us went home while the rest of us walked around downtown. Not just wondering around mind you, but actually walking around a downtown mall where we stuck out like a sore thumb! (It was so much fun and no one bothered us... it is downtown after all).

However we got lot of compliments and the birthday girl got one fantastic birthday song by a street artist who recognized her from before! Of course by this time my feet were killing me! But I was having too much fun being cold with my friends to care, but like all good things it had to come to an end. And before long we were saying good bye to each other and traveling home.

There are more meets in the future! (or actually in the past as it were)~ So look forward to them.


P.S. Most of these pictures are Chocolatehime's and you can go here or here to see more or follow her!