Thursday, September 25, 2014

Good Bye Julie! My Second Meet Up in Downtown Denver

What! I just wrote about a meet up and now I am writing another one so soon! Yep!

You got me, I had said in the earlier post that Julie, a person I met was going back to Huston for school seeing as her internship was ending and the new semester was going to start, so me and Jamie hosted a meet-up to say good bye!

We decided it would be best and cheapest if we all got dolled up and just went to walk around 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver! We scheduled it for August 3rd, and it was my first time to host a meet-up, though I didn't do much so we will just call it hosting a 1/2 meet-up instead of a whole one.

This post will also be picture heavy! Tons and tons of pictures! So I will lightly be explaining what happened!
(On a second look there are a lot of pictures but they are mostly of us soooo........)