Thursday, February 27, 2014

Don't We All Just Hate Fillers?

Today will be that weird day, the day you check my blog for some pretty okay content and you see this instead. I am sorry for this.
I have a couple of post that will be out soon, but there are other post I won't know what to do with.
I know this probably all sounds like gobble-gook and makes no sense.

To make it straightforward I haven't gotten a whole bunch of feedback on my run down of what I would like to do in this blog, and while I have posts to kinda filler this blog until I figure out what to do I would ask for you to read it and leave a comment if your able.

I do not wish to step on anyone's toes and I hope your feedback will help me decided what best to do. I thank you all so much for reading me and checking every week for me.

I promise we will be back to regular schedule soon folks, just stick with me!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lolita YouTube Video Shoutouts

You are probably so sick of hearing about YouTube lolitas! And I don't blame you!

But I kinda do! Lolita fashion has evolved so much. First it was forums, than blogspot, and now tumblr and facebook! Youtube does fit in there somewhere...

But here is the thing about lolita and youtube... it doesn't translate well. What sounds cool, fun, and exciting in print is often very different in a video format, or that is what I have found.

The Holy Grail is finding a Lolita you like on youtube that has everything you personally are looking for. 

I have only two main points I want the Lolitas I find on youtube to have!

1. Be fun to watch!
     No this doesn't have to be gimicy, but I look for a good personality that shines and ads flare to the                videos! Otherwise it can sometimes be pretty boring, its something all regular youtubers have to get used        to! Being energatic and fun leads to more views right?

2. Upload videos regularly... This doesn't really need to be explained though right? But it is very important!
     There are some lolitas that have excellent videos, but because they very regularly upload which is very
     sad, because videos is a regular watch for me!

Those are my only two requirements for lolita youtubers, actually most youtubers! Hahaha

So you will see Video links and stuff here because these people are amazing and I would love to share with you!

So this week YouTube Shoutouts are......

Hello Batty! My recent YouTuber I've started to watch recently~ If you would also like to watch her videos Click Here!

Hello Batty is colorful, enjoys many other things, but also participates in Lolita Carnival so she does update pretty regularly with videos about lolita! Watching her videos is fun and relaxing and I am glad I gave her a try. What do you guys think??


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Run Down of One of my Goals for This Blog

Hey Guys! So I need your feedback (or silence, which I will assume will be a yes (This will make more sense after you finish reading))

Let me start this post with a small story, because I am going to do this post a little different than what I normally do.

Okay, so when I started this blog, I wanted it to be a window in to others lives (only mine really) about how I afford my stuff (even when it can be shameful (just to clarify, not budgeting right shameful aka spending too much money on clothes and than freaking out how I will get to school)), or if not afford at the very least how much I got mine for. There was a couple of reasons I wanted to do this, one of them is that even though I love my lolita blogs, it always seems they get these great dresses and stuff out of the blue and you have no idea how they affording it, because you believe you are doing exactly what they are doing but their wardrobe is like wow way more awesome! And when I first started out in lolita, a answer would have helped me out a bit, and also that though it might be too much information from me about how I can afford some of my stuff, that it is really is a nice resource to have to understand how some people can afford their clothes.

Basically I said that was going to be short but it isn't going to be. Hahaha!!! Sorry, I am just going to do this a little differently so that you understand how things can go down.

Sorry if my thoughts seem a little scatted. But I feel like this will help out so many loiltas who can't seem to understand how someone goes about affording and buying theses clothes. I was one of those lolitas, and only now do I understand how they buy the clohtes, but also why no one really wants to talk about it.

It is very intrusive in my life to say how much something cost and how I got the money, but I REALLY REALLY don't want to seem like I am trying to rub anything in peoples faces at all! I really just want to help and I thought I would do this post to get your feed back, should I go ahead and start dealing out my secrets on how much I spent and SOME times how I got the money?? (Most of the time it will just be from my job but lets say I get a scholarship during one month so I don't also have to pay for school outta my own pocket, that means that month I will have more money to spend on Lolita! Stuff like that.)

So what do you guys think? Would you guys think it is a good idea to put that out there? Would you like to understand more of how loita can be affored, or or or what?

Am I dumb and stupid for trying to go this direction??

I hope I hear from some of you, tell me what you think or your opinions on it?

Idk right now it seems like a pretty bad idea, and like I might get some drama from people about it. Help a girl out.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Things: Books, Movies and Stuff Animals (What did you expect?)

So recently I had some extra spending money burning a hole in my pocket, and a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble. So I am going to share some of the new things I got because I know how much you all love that!!

First thing I got was the whole Paradise Kiss Manga set!! I always wanted to buy it but I never wanted to spend all that money trying to get all of them. But because I had some extra money I splurged a little! I loved reading them and I am so glad that I have gotten them!

 Okay and here we have some movies! From Left to Right we have: Persepolis, Pans Labyrinth, and Sex and the City Season 1! I got Sex and the City just recently but because it was on sale for like $10.80 and I couldn't pass it up. The other two I accidentally got when I was trying to find Paris Je T'aime.

Last but not least is a new Naruto and the first manga for Attack on Titan! I've heard such great things about the latter so I decided to go ahead and try it out and was not disapointed!

This time around I got some movies, and just manga's and no new books, and thats okay because I haven't splurged on mangas in a long long time.

I hope to hear from you guys and until next time!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tights, False Eye Lashes, Wigs a EBay Review(ish)

Hey Guys! I did another video if you would like to check it out!


You can totally check it out on my YouTube instead! It is about 16 min long (sorry). I hope you enjoy it!

Till next time


Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to Survie Dry Spells in Shopping

After buying my lucky pack from Angelic Pretty I put myself on an Shopping Hiatus, which didn't last long!(Yes things are in the mail, but they are more like accessories and stuff.) But I haven't bought a dress or anything like that! I wish. However I am fixing up my room first, because of this I am not buying any other things besides stuff for my room!
I have been planning this change in my room for almost two years, maybe even a little before! (You can read all about my changes here).
So, during this break in my recent found spending money on clothes, I finally made a livejournal and requested a feedback page! I also started looking up Mbok and Yahoo! Japan Auction!!! Seeing all these deals is making my wallet burn.
Naturally I am only punishing myself by looking at these sale posts and these websites! This gave me the idea to write this article~ I needed a way not to spend anymore money until I finished my room, but going on these sights is not helping becuase they have pretty good prices!!!
So I am making a list so I can still appericate and see the dresses
BUT not buy anything because they won't be sites where I can buy things anyway!!!

First and Foremost!

Every year the month of January is Egl's month to do your Wardrobe post, this is a great great way to look at what everyone else has! This is perfect, see the dresses, look at a whole wardrobe! See what they got, how they put it together. BUT no buying the dresses!!!!
Click here to check out the EGL Wardrobe posts!

I would also like to point out that I MUST STAY AWAY FROM comm_sales for egl!!! I can't buy anything!!! But I can look!! (I actually don't have my feedback page yet so I actually can't buy anything yet, but there is no point rubbing salt in the wound.)

Lolita videos on YouTube!!

Someone you might recoginze! Lillith Gray, click here to check her youtube out
Click here if you want to see sunnymacabre's videos

I just search lolita fashion videos, tutorials, and most importantly right now for me is room tours!! Seeing as I am redoing my room this is really awesome because it gives me tons of ideas!
Also!!! I love seeing how lolitas differ!! Some are very minimal with their decorations and what they collect, others have stuff out of the wazoo!!! I just really really enjoy it!

Click here to see FilleDePorcelaine's videos

Click here to see deerstalkerpictures videos

I also fallow many lolita themed youtubers! I will put some around here, and even some you might remember or already know!

Click here to see Lovely Lor's videos
Click here to watch Princess Peachie's videos!


If you want to go to Hello lace click here!

HelloLace and Lolibrary! These are databases for clothes that brands release! Many people use these for references for wish lists or when they are selling a dress... I enjoy going through these websites just to see what the dresses where called, how much they originally cost. Also its pretty clothes with out the add to chart button! Woot woot!! It will also give me some great ideas of things to buy because of some extra dress research!

If you want to see Lolibrary Click here!


Reviewing lolita basics! A lot of these sites, like the lolibrary and the hellolace talk about the basics of the fashion and because I feel a little out of the loop just getting back into buying these clothes again its really nice to review why I started it and the basics of the fashion. These things fill me up with new unfounded zeal about these clothes and I get really motivated to finish my room!

Last But Not Least!

Tumblr!!! Well tumblr lolita and coords! If you have a tumblr you can search lolita fashion, or like me, just go through your archives and see some of the really old outfits, and coords from awhile ago! There are plenty of blogs and pics going around tumblr to satisfy the need to buy for me!

These are the steps I will take when I get the urge to shop! Even though I can't buy the clothes doesn't mean I can't still enjoy them and the fashion!
I hope this helps any of you out there that are going through the same dry spell as me, future, past or present!