Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some New Things: Muggle Clothes, Movies, and More!

Hey! (Gosh, that made me feel like a loser...) It feels like a long time no see! And to me it was! After going to Estes Park, my camera died! I was so mad! And no one had batteries!!! I finally got some new batteries today, and finally took pictures of all the things I bought since then. I am actually really surprised at all the things I got since a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't buy all of them.
So here we go!
Before going on the camping trip, I went out with my sister and got some new nail polish! I was very happy because I got each for about $1.99 each, which is really cheap. And I think I got my money's worth, they are surprisingly good.

Oh, new shinny nail polish. Including the essential over coat, and glitter.

When my family and I got to Estes park my lip was still not doing to good (it's better now! Yay!) So my dad,   wanting to make me feel better, got me some new chap-stick and a new movie!

Buy all the chap-sticks! Bee's wax is my favorite and works the best for me.

Dark Shadows, and not the new one people! With Barnabas, and his sexy witch on the front. (I would have chosen you, Angelique, over that other woman.)

I was so excited to see Dark Shadows and it was really cheap too! It is all about how Barnabas turns into one of the undead. The show is crazy additive, I was barely watching it one night, than I heard all the stuff that was going on. Next thing you know I stopped what I was doing and started to watch it. It's like a creepy soap opera, witches and vampires with issues!? Yes please, I will take five.
While camping we stayed right outside of Estes, sadly we were only there for a short day. However, while we where there, I got the prettiest present from my parents! They gave it to me as a very very early Christmas (Halloween) present.
Before you see the picture, something you might not know about me is that I collect boxes. When I saw this music box I ran up to it and played with it, I was a general fangirl or nerd when I saw it. But it is just perfect!

The outside box, to protect it. It's even pretty! 

My new box, I just love it!

So after coming back from Estes Park area, I went shopping with Jamie and her sister Ashley. I met one of their friends and had so much fun shopping! (By the way, my nephew was the most fabulous person this day, he rocked all of our socks.) I originally didn't plan to buy anything... Until I saw these two items. The dress I tried on for fun, and I was told that I couldn't leave the store without it. And I got the shirt for obvious reasons. 

 This dressed reminded me of Bunny, I am so glad I bought it. It is just amazing!

Omg, this shirt is so cute. And the zipper actually works in the back! I am pretty sure you could wear it in the front too!

From there I came back to where I live, and needed some shopping therapy after the shooting. We ended up going to the Renaissance Festival (see, keeping my promises) and the mall afterwards. 
Here are some things I got from the Renaissance Festival.

These earrings were too cute to pass up for $5! And the store was really cute, they also have an Etsy. You can visit them here.

The skull necklace from my Renaissance post. I really like it, and it just goes with my new muggle clothes.

I got these because: 1)I am a 90's kid. I love the 90's, I want the 90's to last forever. 2) because I am a rebel, and noticed this trend on the internet.

I am really sad I didn't get anything from this guys store! All of his wands are inspired by the Harry Potter series. They are magical wands, and I will be getting one next year that matches my Pottermore wand. Cause I am cool.

After the Festival we went to the mall. Sadly we couldn't shop liked we planned because the sun baked us alive. We went only to two stores, and got some lunch before heading home. But I still got something! Besides lunch I mean. 

When ever I try these shoes on, I feel so tall... And like I am going to fall on my ass. But they are so prrrreeeettttyyyy......

I have been obsessed by this girl Bunny on youtube for awhile now. And she has the best shoes ever! And a pretty awesome closet as well. She was the one to inspire me to start working on my muggle clothes again, instead of letting them go with out style until they where nothing but rags. Because of her, I went from kinda liking platform shoes, to believing that they are god on earth. So I got my first pair of platform sandals at Urban Outfitters the other day! And even better, I got them on sale! I am so excited. I am really working hard to get my new muggle clothes style right. And this was definitively a step in the right direction. (Lol... people, that pun was by accident!) 
After all that, we went light shopping again today, and I got some essentials that I really have been needing for awhile now...

Dry Shampoo, because I have color treated hair and can't wash it every day. I am so sick of it feeling greasy and nasty when I don't wash it. Hopefully this will help.

Some foundation because I am running out, and hopefully these are the right colors.

So that is all I got for the last couple of weeks, while my camera played dead! I am very excited that I got all I did, for relatively cheap. And I can't wait (crosses fingers) to get a job so I can buy more stuff! I have my eye out on a lot of things. I hope you guys are doing well, and that you enjoyed my post. 
Till next time,


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