Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Little Something About Nothing.

I really wanted to do a outfit of the day today, but instead I ended up cleaning my room. I know what that sounds like, a bit childish, I guess.
Well I choose to look at it as out with the old and in with the new. I recently have just been in a huge huge ditch in my life sense I graduated High school. I am in college, but I am more of a statue, I am not going anywhere any time fast.

I figured getting all the dirt and dust, while bringing in light would be good for my life. So that is what I did, I just cleansed everything out. I feel so light and wonderful now. Like the little piece of world I can control has been set to rights.

I guess the weird part about my life at this point was just last night I realized that the reason my life has been in the ditch was not because I am a lazy good for nothing, but in fact is I am afraid of change. I am afraid of what change will bring to my life. I am scared to open up to the world knowing that the world can kick your ass sometimes. (Sorry, needed to be said.) And as cliche as it sounds, I am holding my self back from the life that I want not because I am lazy, but because I am scared of becoming who I really want to be.

Deep I know. Hold on to your horses, 'cause now we are going to get superficial. Oh, yeah.

Recently I have totally been obsessed with The Shining. I can't even. It has kicked Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind right out of the top spot. I have even decided that my first tattoos (of many I hope) are going to be Shining related. They will be small because I want to see how I will deal with a needle punching into my skin repeatedly for awhile. Than, if it doesn't bother me too much, I will get my bigger cooler tattoos. That won't be for a while though, so don't hold on to your hats.
Speaking of changes, I know I have said or hinted in some other posts that I will be doing more stuff with fashion, and this is true. After this next outfit of the day I will start putting things in motion. I made this blog with certain ideas in mind, and goals. I hope to reach them, and go beyond what I have set up for myself. So I know that it isn't really to the point, and I keep beating around the bush about what I am going to be doing here soon. But I promise a lot still will stay the same.
I like that right now I am just typing in to a unknown world where I will either be accepted or be useless. I like this post because you get to know me that much better. That this in my own space which I can transform to fit every piece of me that I want to express.

I hope you have liked what you read of me so far, and care enough to still stick around after this crazy post.

See you all soon. Hope you all are well.


Haha, I did a post with no pictures. That is weird....

Edit: I am sorry, but it looks like I might have to delay my Outfit of the day. It seems all the things that can go wrong with my face has gone wrong. I had a really bad breakout, that goes away. Then a spider bites me six times, the bites go down. But then I scratch my eye in my sleep, so my eye is all red. And know I have a fat lip. So when that goes down than I will do one. So for the mean time I will do other things I had planed for after the outfit, and keep you posted on how things are going. So thank you for understanding, and dealing with all this. It just really sucks. And I just really want to dress up! Ugh. So hope you guys are good and see you soon. Cookie... again...

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