Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nan Desu Kan Outfits and Ramblings

So here we are again! I promise I have more to post besides just outfits!
 But since becoming more involved with the Colorado Lolita Community I actually have been dressing up more so I have more outfits to share! Isn't that exciting?

SOOOO first thing first, it was NDK or Nan Desu Kan which is the premier anime convention in Denver and Colorado obviously. AND it was my first year there! Seriousily my first time ever at any type of convention and there was so much to do!

So here I will talk a little about what went on at the convention and my first time there and stuff! My outfits will be a little futher down if you want to skip to those!

First thing first, I was lucky to have my boyfriend buy me the tickets as a birthday present and they only cost $40 at the time! The biggest price I think you have to pay is like $50 at the door for all three days. My pass was for all three days and the first thing we did when we got there was to pick up our badges! My brother, Sean (the BF), Jamie, Ashley, and I were all there together in one big group.

The first thing I noticed was all the cosplays! I loved it so much, and there were so many nice cosplays... I enjoyed seeing all these different and unique cosplays all three days of the Con! If you want to see all the cosplay pictures just head over to this page on my tumblr and search a bit for it, they are all there!

The next thing was me and Jamie bee lined to was the Lolita Boutique which was being runned by Angelic Pretty San Fransisco and Harajuku Hearts! The selcetion wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be, but we went and just looked around to get an understanding of the prices. We also went to the artist alley and looked around to see the things they had and such.

Besides what was mentioned on Friday we also tried to go on a Harajuku Street Fashion Walk thing but we ended up missing them when they left the hotel and having a hard time of finding them at first when we finally realized where they were! We finally did meet up and went to Panera for dinner, it was so cold that day and luckily for us they had these awesome fire places that we sat next to to help us warm up! I didn't wear anything too special and only one person really understood it was creepy cute I was going for but that is okay!

Group shot of the Harajuku Walk, I'm over to the right in lavender! I am using this pic as well as some below to do my out of the day!

Selfie with some new friends at Panera! We had so much fun!!!
 The next day, Saturday, we went to the dealers room first and checked things out and we finally started buying things that day! After the dealers room we ran to the Lolita Boutique and went in and out for like 30 minutes to and hour trying to get the perfect thing, and there was a line forming outside so we kept rushing out to think and then rushing back in to purchase. After that we had another lolita meetup hosted by Rae! We all went to lunch at Noodles and Company and just had a fun time!

Me, Jamie, and Miracle all looking fresh to death on Saturday!

A kind of group shot of all of us going out to lunch together on Saturday! So many cute lolitas!
 The last day I went back and spent the last of my money, I also had to use some of the money to get my nephew a gift for his birthday! So that last day was spent just kinda walking around, it was also the day we actually went to a panel! The only panel we went to was Harajuku fashion trends in 2014 hosted by the kind ladies from Angelic Pretty! After that we went home!

Another Lolita we meet on Sunday who was really cute! We got this pic together! Sadly I don't remember her name!
  I made so many new friends there and met so many kind people who had the same interests as me! I also got to meet a whole bunch more lolitas in Colorado, it was a very fun weekend! 

NOW my outfits!

My Face of the Day or FOTD is pretty light and simple here! Pretty self explanatory!
Picture of me and Jamie on Friday, the Picture is from this website! I'm using this picture as well as the group shot from up above for my outfit of the day since I didn't get a good picture.  
Seifuku: Bodyline
Hair Accesories: Kreepsville666
Earrings: Starlight Deco Dream
Tights: Ebay
Shoes: Doc Martins
Purse: Angelic Pretty

My Face Of the Day, I actually did false eye lashes and they looked good and didn't fall off! Finally getting this make-up down!!!!
My outfit for Saturday! I was really inspired by the red details so I decided to pair the jsk with a red cutsew and originally I was also going to wear red striped socks but it looked too busy! So I went with these white and black socks instead. I also wore my Bodyline shoes which killed my feet all day cause they are a bit too small on me!
JSK/bow: Angelic Pretty Triple Tart Jsk II
Cutsew: Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Bodyline
Purse: Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle Lucky Pack
Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs
Accessories: Off brand

My FOTD for Sunday! I pretty much did the same thing as Saturday except different eye shadows! And my lashes were good this day too! Oh lucky day!
My outfit for Sunday was focused around my Candy Sprinkle Lucky Pack JSK, I used Lavender in the form of my blouse and socks to bring out the softer colors in the JSK that you can't really pick up on the black version.
JSK/Bow: Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle Lucky Pack
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Socks: AP
Shoes: Bodyline
Purse: AP
Acessories: Off Brand and Betsey Johnson
Wig: Ebay

So that is pretty much it for my NDK post! I will be doing a video of what I purchased in more detail! It will be out soon... Hopefully, I am a full time college student guys I will do my best I promise!

I hope you all have been good and you enjoyed the heaving reading! Till next time!


BONUS PICTURE: Me and Jamie acting like complete goof balls for our new friend Bundy!