Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dress Wish List: Lolita Fashion Style

So I thought it would be a great and fantastic idea if I put some of my favorite Lolita dresses together in list form... mostly for me. Sorry, but now I have a list I can check off... But! but but, I thought you all would like to see what is up, and maybe compare wish lists??? Idk, it sounded like a good idea at the time.
And I went through and found some things so not everything is here... It would be too much work to put all of Moi-meme-motie on here! So here we go! (in fact there is a lot of Angelic Pretty????)

AP Milky Planet in Yellow, anyway I can get it!
AP Starry Night Theater 2009, in Navy for sure because look at it!

AP Fantastic Dolly OP in red, 2010 (Preferably the OP)
AP JSK Carnival Wappen 2010 in Lavender in a JSK
AP Little Bear Cafe in a Brown JSK
T his one became a dream dress by accident, I just started wanting it sooo much, it is AP French Cafe in a Navy OP
AP Holy Night Story JSK
OR AP Holy Night Story OP in any color I can get it
Meta's Twinkle Journey Jsk in a black JSK

BTSSB JSK Unicorn in Bloomland, any way I can get it

Putumayo Check Crown OP in pink
Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival, Lavender in anyway I can get it.
I dont really know that this dress is called because I first saw it on Victoria's (parfait doll's)  blog, and she said it was Emily Temple Cutes Mermaid OP though I have a problem finding it when I search for it, however I want this dress in the color.
 So this is just a small wish list off the top of my head that I would like to own one day! These dresses are actually really sweet which isn't really my style but they are so cute and whimsicle that I can not help it! I hope you enjoyed at least looking at pretty pictures, and if you have a wish list you would like to share let us hear about it! Have a great day!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Life Upate!

Hey guys! Long time no right. I find myself rereading the older post on here realizing that 2014 is right around the corner. So I thought it might be nice if I got you up to date on what has happened in the last year or so.
I am really going to try to keep this short. If you followed my tumblr you might be more up to date than everyone else... But just in case you missed something this little thing is for you.

First! Celebrate the anniversary of this blog big time! What I even find surprising is that people actually read this old thing!! So I would like to take this time/ paragraph to thank you all for coming around and reading it and supporting me! Also I think this blog has over 1000 views! Which is something I never thought would happen to be honest! So once again thank you guys soooo much!!!

Second, Super fast life update. Well, I went from one living situation to another, still in school. I have a job now. My hair is long again, and sadly the pink has all worn out of it so it is more of a blond. I got my first tattoos, and another piercing besides my ears.
I really haven't done too much shopping with trying to afford school that year I was out of work, but I have gotten some new clothes and shoes, but not much has changed there.

you might have read in my other post that my old laptop died, but I got a new one. I got my first smart phone too which is how I have been able to survive and still know whats going on in the world. I have new books, and now I have quite a movie collection! I discovered new music and learned somethings about my self.

This is just a quick update so that you all know where I am at with my posting. If you have any questions guys, any at all people, leave a comment!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Update Update

So... long time no talk.
I am here to say that I finally got a laptop, and semester is almost over. Hopefully I can pull off my classes!
But this might mean regular updates again! (Fingers crossed)
I have no clue what I will do...
Maybe tune up blog?? We will see...

What I am trying to say is that I hope to be around her again making post and that I can't wait to be updating again~
I look forward to it!!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Story on my Hiatus

So... I have been gone for awhile. This has really made me upset that I could not update my blog here as much as I used to, and wished too. In the end I just feel really guilty about leaving here and not updating.
Consider this a mini update before things become better, hopefully... but first, my reasons for not updating.

Just know also that I hate hate hate excuses, and yet what I tell you will be no lie and I am sorry I have to use these excuses to say why I haven't been really active.

First thing first, I started this blog in the summer, and I am a college student. Naturally I thought I could keep up with homework and this blog, I was wrong. I got really busy in school and had to write many papers and so forth.

When I was finally setting up for an awesome update, which I still hope to do in the near future, my computer didn't make it. So on my finals week for last semester, while I was getting school work and things for this blog done... MY COMPUTER DIED.

I don't have money for a new one yet. I hope to be getting a new one soon though, and we might be a bit more on schedual.

Other news includes me getting a job, getting out more, making new friends, and starting a new semester for school. I also have figured out my major and some more miscellaneous things I can't remember right now.

I don't know when I will be able to update the next time...
You can follow my tumblr, which I am always on because I still have my phone~ Just be warned it might not be for everyone!
I will be doing youtube videos again here soon, though they will not be as nice. At least till I get a new computer. I hope everyone is doing well and hope things will get better soon.