Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shoe Wish List

One of my last post had to do with my wish list for my Lolita dresses, and well I also wanted to do a shoe wish list too!!! Because I love shoes and a list will help me save and knock them off of my list, if I still want them. So I hope you enjoy my weird taste!

So these shoes are just my staple shoes I want to complete the wardrobe I've been working on. They are also in order of what I want to buy first to last.

Bodyline Shoes I want in a matte black to match with my wardrobe, also I think it would be harder to scuff in this color way.

Platform Converse That I saw on Tumblr forever ago, but didn't have the money to get, these are must on my list in black.

Jeffrey Campbell x Wildfox Ballerina Platforms that have been on my list of things I have wanted FOREVER, but because they are way more expensive the the two above it, these got pushed down the list because I need those shoes to complete my atheistic.

UNIF Hellraiser are the shoes I want next because they are flats which are great for the summer here, but also because look at them! *Sighs dreamily*

UNIF Hellbounds are also on the list because they would make me so tall~ hahah sike! More like they look so cool and that solid black color would match most of my clothes.
Jeffrey Campbell Litas Also in black, these are such good staple shoes, they would go with so much and really help make a look.

So those are some of the shoes that are on my wish list, I used to have more but I already bought some! So yay for that! Don't worry you will be seeing them soon, promise! What do you think? Do you think I am a proper weirdo yet? Hahaha
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Personal Life: My plans about my room!

Since moving to a new place (which will be hidden from you guys because its the only way I can remain mysterious) I have got a new room situation and I thought that it would be cool to show you all what has come about in my new room, and if you like this post I also might do room updates as it goes through so small changes that it will go through as stuff like this will happen.
So first we talk about the ambitions I have for my new room!

These are the problems that I have that I am trying to fix in list order
1) My closet is a little short on space, especially as I start having money to buy Lolita again!  

2) I have a ton of books, that have to kept in my room. I can't put them else where in the house.

3) I have a ton of stuff and nick-knacks that are all over the house, some of which I want to go back into my room.

4) My room is on the smallish side so I only have so much room to do this in

Ikea Wardrobe
1) In the maybe far future but hopefully not too far, I will buy an extra Wardrobe (something I've been meaning to do for like 3 years). In this wardrobe I will move all of my muggle clothes out from my closet and make my closet only for lolita!
Amaimochi's Room on Popkakumei
2) To save room on books I will be using an idea I found on tumblr in which I put all my books around and above my desk! This is such a great idea and will hopefully cut my storage down!

3) One more self above my bed will help this a little, that and giving some nick-knacks away!

4) With some rearranging and smart thinking this should all work out, mostly I am finally getting this stuff done because... it will be easier for me to do this and carry everything when I move around! When I get another place everything should be pretty easy sailing putting my own space together!

Some other note worthy changes!
Ikea SKUBB box set
One last thing I plan to do is re-re-organize my closet! Well at least my lolita stuff, what I originally did was organize my socks and head bows all in shoe boxes! This was easy and nice free storage methods~ Well now I am ready to upgrade and buy some little boxes to put all this stuff in so I will have more space and It will be better organized!

We will see how the room turns out! Fingers crossed!!!

Till Next Time


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Wall Changes: Part 2

Well I did warn you that this could be happening!
To put it simply, my idea with the hanging clothes is to leave them up until I get new ones in. Which means that this wouldn't update that fast, but because its after christmas I have a lot of new clothes, so the general rule is wear twice and than switch out the clothes so that everyone gets a chance so shine!
Some of these clothes you will see again when I do my haul post where I show you all the things I got~ So be warned!

This might be a little image heavy! And a lot of repeated clothes, so sorry about that!

Okay Rundown Left to Right:
Plaid shirt is from Urban Outfitters
Black Mesh/Jersey type of skirt is from Urban Outfitters
Cat Shirt is from Urban Outfitters

Rundown Left to Right:
Same Plaid shirt- Urban Outfitters
Same Skirt- Urban Outfitters
Bull Dog Black Sweater is from Forever 21

Rundown Left to Right:
Same Plaid Shirt- Urban Outfitters
Bat Leggings- Urban Outfitters
Skull Crop Top- Urban Outfitters

Rundown Left to Right:
Black Oversize Shirt Thing is from Forever 21
Same Bat Leggings- Urban Outfitters
Same Skull Top- Urban Outfitters

So the things I have had up has changed very fast! I only have a couple more to go~ Thanks for reading!


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle Lucky Pack

Hey Guys! So I finally got the last thing in the mail! The one I have been waiting for! 
I was lucky enough to get it, and I explain it more in the video down bellow!
Thanks to Jamie and Sean who told me to do a unboxing video! I hope you all enjoy it! :D

You can also go Here! If you want to watch it on YouTube!

Till Next time


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blog Crushes! part 1

Here it is the thing we all have been dreading! The filler blog post!!
I know how people can hate fillers, but I never promised I wouldn't do them... Anyway, long story short I still have one major thing in the mail that hasn't come yet (which upsets me greatly) so most of my post have to wait for that one thing! Its really frustrating, so I was thinking this would be a good post to do for now.

Here is some of the blogs I have been crushing on (down below mates) and I would love to share them with you. There are not in any particular order, and you might know about a couple of them already.

If you have any cool blogs you would like to share, leave them down below!

First and Foremost, Parfaitdoll AKA Victoria Suzanne! She has been a big part with my lolita upbringing. She has been writing her blog since 2008! Only Parfaitdoll, is her second blog, her original blog was called Lolita Charm. I've been reading her blog since maybe 2011 or 2010?? So yeah, much love for her. She and ALB also were the two ladies who inspired me to dye my hair pink! :D (FYI it is no longer pink)

Second is p0kemina~ I just love her blog because it is so cute and I love looking at her selfies! Her selfies are like pictures of a real life doll! She is a lolita, with a septum piercing and understands a lot about things and I just enjoy going through her blog time to time. 

Next is thedarkchocolatedandy who is just an amazing person, and I enjoy him on my dash so much because he is so smart and just understands, god I'm doing this a lot aren't I? Well check out his blog and see for yourself! :D (No picture for him, because he didn't have one up for like public to see??? Anyway executive decision to not include a pic because it wasn't up on his homepage)

After him I totally need to include this chick! I love her blog so much and have been following her for years now?? I just adore her! Her blog is vampishly! I highly highly suggest you check it out because A+

Than we have happyun-birthday who is a totally laid back girl who loves many different fashions! I followed her on a whim after seeing a ero-goth-loli outfit and was smitten ever since! She is very sweet and cool!

Now we have the chick who convinced me to make a tumblr! (Besides Jamie actually using words to convince me) tempestpaige! Well what I mean is that I checked her blog every day for like 2 months before finally getting my own blog and following her on tumblr, I've seen her come a long way, and can't wait to see what she does next!

Whoa! Those are a lot of tumblr blogs! But these are the ones I see the most, and have influenced me a lot! NEXT...

Here I will put Tavi Gevinson's old blog, I will go here for inspiration and to shaken up my style funks I go into from time to time. Yes it is her old blog, she doesn't really update anymore, I read her older posts about fashion and stuff... She does Rookie now which is like a magazine for "teen" girls (aka grrls of all ages)

Lillith Gray is my last person on this list, and you might notice that this link actually goes to youtube... that's because I really like her youtube videos! Its really hard for me to find a lolita who makes interesting youtube videos and updates regularly! And it seems she fits both of those bills! I was really excited to find her videos and her fashion is stellar.

Those are all of my blog crushes at the moment! I hope I didn't bore you too much!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Haul: What I got from Everyone Else

So just thought I would post and talk about Christmas like everyone else on the internet.... I won't be saying much about anything because you might see some of this stuff on My Wall Changes... and I didn't take a pic of everything I got...
Also disclaimer most of these weren't suppose to be Christmas presents, they where new work clothes my mom got for me but since she tried to give them to me only a couple of days before christmas I requested that she would wrap them so that I would have more to open later. I know... I'm lame, but those are in there too. 

Its also really blurry, sorry about that. I am also really excited about this stocking stuffer.....

A Loki key chain! Yay!!

That is all for this post! Thanks for coming around!!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Wall Changes: Part 1

How to best explain this... Well lets start with tumblr... There are some fabulous tumblr lolitas who I adore sooo much! They both are from Austrilia funnily... but besides the point I noticed that both of these ladies had clothes on their walls, and I thought it was very interesting but couldn't figure out why they would do that!

So one day I asked one of them, and she said that she just liked hanging them up to look at them.
That simple, well this got me thinking that it would be a great idea for me to do that!!! So I pushed some pins in my walls and hung up some new clothes I had gotten. Now I hang up my new clothes to admire them but also so that I will remember to wear them after I get them, and not to keep wearing the same old muggle clothes every day.
I don't have pictures for each time it changes but I do have two!

So here is the first time I did it and the clothes that where hanged up.

Right to Left:
Black dress from Target
Floor length flower skirt is thrifted
Brown vintage target sweater is also thrifted

And the next one I have might look familar to you guys!

Right to Left:
Red halter lolita dress is from Bodyline
Lavender seifuku is from Bodyline
and White OP lolita dress is also from Bodyline

Look forward so more of these as well! maybe not all that often, but its a nice idea and I'm glad I got to share it with you.

Thanks for reading! 


Thursday, January 2, 2014

OOTD: Lolita #3 Christmas Time Speacial!!!

Well even though Christmas isn't my favorite holiday out of the year (its right next to Valentines and Columbus Day) my family has a giant Christmas Eve party every year, and even though this post might be a bit late for Christmas I thought I would show you what I wore. It was a very casual outfit with out being a causal lolita outfit, meaning that I was dressed up but not super duper accessories everywhere dressed up. And I also used some of the new items I got in! Consider this a teaser to a wardrobe update.
Now with out further ado here is what I wore:

Christmas Cheer
Outfit Rundown~
Blouse: Bodyline
JSK: Bodyline
Socks: F+F
Headband: its a spiked headband from Claire's

See... not too dressy, like I said. You might be like what! new things! Well there is a story all about the fact I haven't gotten new lolita stuff till recently... Want to hear my story of woe? (If you do not care don't worry about it and just skip the really long post bellow..*)

 I had moved from one place to another around 2 years ago, and when I did that all my money dried up because I no longer had a job. And it took me a long long time to get a job, and where I was living it was really hard to get around seeing as I can't drive so I have to take a public transport system or walk. This made wearing lolita impossible for me because I would always worry about whether or not it would get dirty, not to mention the 2 hour bus ride to and from school. OR how snooty the place was, I just didn't fee comfortable. I basically stopped wearing my lolita I worked so hard for, and I couldn't afford new items. When I finally did get a job, it only paid enough for me to pay for school, since I pay for schooling out of my own pocket and have yet had to take out school loans, it was important for me not to spend too much money.

Here is when the story takes a turn for the best (not saying that my time there wasn't okay but hey no lolita!) I moved to a cheaper place and got a new job. And originally I was making the same as I was at the other place but than my hours tripled! ( I am not happy about this, I was going to school full time at this point and was only suppose to work these hours for 6 weeks and it turned into 3 months, needless to say I am very very very pissed, if you want to hear the whole story you can ask about it or request I make it into a post.) This meant 3X the money, which at first I was very careful not to spend, but than black Friday happened and I ended up buying new lolita for me! Which will be in a new wardrobe post, after it all gets here! No spoilers! 

*So I got a new blouse (taking my own advice from my tips and tricks post!) and two new dresses so far, this was my first time wearing both of these! I have to say I am really really happy! 

Thank you so much for reading!!!