Monday, July 30, 2012

OOTD: Lolita #2

So as I promised in one of my earlier post, I finally did my outfit of the day! I was feeling really good, everything was all healed up, so I went and did it!
I was actually planning to wear this outfit a long time ago, when I was suppose to meet one of my friends acquaintances. We where all going to go dressed in sweet lolita, but those plans fell through. This was the outfit I choose to wear that day, but ended up finally wearing it the other day.

Outfit Rundown:
Dress: Baby The Stars Shine Bright Usakymya Sweets Jsk
Headdress: BTSSB bows
Blouse: Anna House
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes: Angelic Pretty

Necklace: Gift for Birthday

So that was my outfit of the day! I was really pink, and I really enjoyed it for the day. I had a lot of fun, and I hope you guys enjoyed the post. See you soon!


P.S. Here is a bonus picture for you guys! I just loved the coloring so much, and it happened by accident! I just really like it. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some New Things: Muggle Clothes, Movies, and More!

Hey! (Gosh, that made me feel like a loser...) It feels like a long time no see! And to me it was! After going to Estes Park, my camera died! I was so mad! And no one had batteries!!! I finally got some new batteries today, and finally took pictures of all the things I bought since then. I am actually really surprised at all the things I got since a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't buy all of them.
So here we go!
Before going on the camping trip, I went out with my sister and got some new nail polish! I was very happy because I got each for about $1.99 each, which is really cheap. And I think I got my money's worth, they are surprisingly good.

Oh, new shinny nail polish. Including the essential over coat, and glitter.

When my family and I got to Estes park my lip was still not doing to good (it's better now! Yay!) So my dad,   wanting to make me feel better, got me some new chap-stick and a new movie!

Buy all the chap-sticks! Bee's wax is my favorite and works the best for me.

Dark Shadows, and not the new one people! With Barnabas, and his sexy witch on the front. (I would have chosen you, Angelique, over that other woman.)

I was so excited to see Dark Shadows and it was really cheap too! It is all about how Barnabas turns into one of the undead. The show is crazy additive, I was barely watching it one night, than I heard all the stuff that was going on. Next thing you know I stopped what I was doing and started to watch it. It's like a creepy soap opera, witches and vampires with issues!? Yes please, I will take five.
While camping we stayed right outside of Estes, sadly we were only there for a short day. However, while we where there, I got the prettiest present from my parents! They gave it to me as a very very early Christmas (Halloween) present.
Before you see the picture, something you might not know about me is that I collect boxes. When I saw this music box I ran up to it and played with it, I was a general fangirl or nerd when I saw it. But it is just perfect!

The outside box, to protect it. It's even pretty! 

My new box, I just love it!

So after coming back from Estes Park area, I went shopping with Jamie and her sister Ashley. I met one of their friends and had so much fun shopping! (By the way, my nephew was the most fabulous person this day, he rocked all of our socks.) I originally didn't plan to buy anything... Until I saw these two items. The dress I tried on for fun, and I was told that I couldn't leave the store without it. And I got the shirt for obvious reasons. 

 This dressed reminded me of Bunny, I am so glad I bought it. It is just amazing!

Omg, this shirt is so cute. And the zipper actually works in the back! I am pretty sure you could wear it in the front too!

From there I came back to where I live, and needed some shopping therapy after the shooting. We ended up going to the Renaissance Festival (see, keeping my promises) and the mall afterwards. 
Here are some things I got from the Renaissance Festival.

These earrings were too cute to pass up for $5! And the store was really cute, they also have an Etsy. You can visit them here.

The skull necklace from my Renaissance post. I really like it, and it just goes with my new muggle clothes.

I got these because: 1)I am a 90's kid. I love the 90's, I want the 90's to last forever. 2) because I am a rebel, and noticed this trend on the internet.

I am really sad I didn't get anything from this guys store! All of his wands are inspired by the Harry Potter series. They are magical wands, and I will be getting one next year that matches my Pottermore wand. Cause I am cool.

After the Festival we went to the mall. Sadly we couldn't shop liked we planned because the sun baked us alive. We went only to two stores, and got some lunch before heading home. But I still got something! Besides lunch I mean. 

When ever I try these shoes on, I feel so tall... And like I am going to fall on my ass. But they are so prrrreeeettttyyyy......

I have been obsessed by this girl Bunny on youtube for awhile now. And she has the best shoes ever! And a pretty awesome closet as well. She was the one to inspire me to start working on my muggle clothes again, instead of letting them go with out style until they where nothing but rags. Because of her, I went from kinda liking platform shoes, to believing that they are god on earth. So I got my first pair of platform sandals at Urban Outfitters the other day! And even better, I got them on sale! I am so excited. I am really working hard to get my new muggle clothes style right. And this was definitively a step in the right direction. (Lol... people, that pun was by accident!) 
After all that, we went light shopping again today, and I got some essentials that I really have been needing for awhile now...

Dry Shampoo, because I have color treated hair and can't wash it every day. I am so sick of it feeling greasy and nasty when I don't wash it. Hopefully this will help.

Some foundation because I am running out, and hopefully these are the right colors.

So that is all I got for the last couple of weeks, while my camera played dead! I am very excited that I got all I did, for relatively cheap. And I can't wait (crosses fingers) to get a job so I can buy more stuff! I have my eye out on a lot of things. I hope you guys are doing well, and that you enjoyed my post. 
Till next time,


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Renaissance Festival, An Outing

Today (for me at least) I went to the Renaissance Festival! Yay! I decided I needed some therapy that only shopping could cure. That and I just love the Renaissance Festival, everyone gets dressed up! In period(ish) clothing as well, people in costumes are everywhere!
So my sister took me out with her, and we had a blast! Well minus the 100 degree weather, and hot overbearing sun. So here is how the day went!

Fliers for the Event

When we first got there, there was a huge line!!! Not just of people waiting to get in... but getting off the Highway as well!!! It took us, like (I don't really know) 30 minutes to get in just to get a parking space! The line started at the sign that said the turn off was in 3/4 miles. We waited in line for 3/4 of a mile, goodness!
Than we walk up to the entrance where some of the "Lords" were waving at us from their lofty tower... I wanted to say something to them, but alas my wit abandoned me. (I sadly have no pictures of this, or of the entrance.)
When we walked in we were greated by bagpipes, and kilts! So before the shopping went down, me and my sister stopped and listened to some music.

They all looked so cool! And they where really good. 

After we listened for awhile we decided to start shopping! All the shops are really cute, but pretty expensive. That is saying that most everything is made by hand and made in silver or sterling silver, so it is to be expected, that and prices are probably bloated because it is the Renaissance Festival (something I am not really sure about, but could make some sense.)

What do you think this shop sells? If you guessed hats, you might be right!

Can you tell yet that I really love Scottish things?

These where some of the shops that we first saw that we had to take pictures of! I found something to buy right away and made a beeline for it. (I however not going to post the stuff that I bought in this post, I am going to do a shopping haul soon, and that is where you will see the stuff.)

Okay, you can have one picture of what I got. It is a skull tiger's eye necklace. 

While shopping around I saw so many people I wanted to take a picture of. I was terribly shy and didn't want to seem creepy about asking to take their picture, but my sister encouraged me to go ahead and do it. So I got some real good pictures of the people what looked amazing all dressed up! I am upset that I didn't get everyone I saw's picture, so many people looked just amazing!

I have started to call her the Lady in White, she just has so much elegance. And totally made my day!

Than we really got down to shopping, and we went in and out of most of the little shops, but mostly because we wanted to stay out of the heat. It started getting so hot there! Everyone that wasn't moving around was standing in the shade talking.
I am very glad I didn't wear lolita, because I would have melted like the Wicked Witch of the West. It was so hot and yet people where still walking around in armor, in blue paint, and dressed to the nines as pirates! I give them mad props, because I wanted to run home to air conditioning and I was wearing shorts and a light t-shirt, and they are definitely wearing more clothes than me.
While watching a little show they put on (they put on a lot of little shows and skits), something about German Rappers... I found more people to take pictures of.

Okay, can you tell now how much I love Scottish things? Plus, big sword and kilt? Be still my heart.

She looked so cool! I loved how she put her outfit together, look how pretty she is!

After taking their pictures, me and my sister went back to browsing the shops. That is when we found the steam-punk shop. Beelines where made, sadly I didn't have enough money to get anything. That and I don't want to spend $30 on something I could get for cheaper on Etsy if I looked.

I literally ran up to this outfit, than into the store. I was a women possessed.

Afterwards, I mean after fangirling all over the shop, than leaving with nothing (sad day for me). We went walking for a bit more, got some water to drink. Listened to some music, it was called Cast In Bronze, and had to do with huge bells. It reminded me of the Hunchback of Notre Dame honestly. And we looked at the Joust Arena before we finally decided it was too hot to continue for the rest of the day.

This guy was selling Ice Cream. He totally made this picture cooler. (lol, I am so punny!)

So we headed back to where we came from, feeling if I do say so myself, a bit like time travelers.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hometown Century 16 Shooting

So this is just a quick post about what is happening in Aurora, Colorado. Many of you, if you read my infromation, know I am from Colorado. What you might not know is that I was raised in Aurora. Though I don't live there now, my parents do, and I often stay with them during (this) summer.

What has happened has really put me in a shock. If you read the Brave review, I would like you to know that that was at the Century 16 movie theater. It is a mile away from where my parents live. About a five minute drive and a 30 minute walk.

I was very lucky not to have been there that night, because my brother was planing on taking my and my nephew, but I came back to where I live. So none of us went. However some of my friends went, and kids I knew in High School went.

All of my friends so far are fine, but my acquaintances that I have made through my college experience and High School where not so lucky.

So I would like to say good bye to them, and hope for the best recoveries of all the people that got hurt. It is really sad that for a time everyone will know where I grew up, not because of what we did, but because of what happened to us. Aurora, Colorado is now known for having the biggest massacre in U.S.A history, with 12 people dead and 58 people injured.

I guess I just wanted to say, my thoughts are with the people who passed away and their families. They are also with all the other people who are injured, and their families as well. We will all get through this together.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Places to go: Estes Park

I went camping with my family this weekend and we ended up going to Estes Park! I love this place so much, it is just so beautiful! The only sad part is we didn't get to go to the Stanley Hotel. But I am going to go later this up coming year... Maybe even for my 21st birthday! I am so excited.
So back to what I actually saw today. Estes Park is such a beautiful place, though a bit crowded in the summer. There were people from everywhere, every where. Estes Park is the home to many things, but I would have to say that it is most know for being the home of The Stanley Hotel and the Rocky Mountain National Park.
Sadly we didn't do any of these things while up there, we went only for a day trip after all. So we went shopping at the main street and enjoyed some food. I really love mountain towns, on the sea towns, or small towns in general. They always have that one "historical" street that most tourist go too. And everything always feels brighter and even more magical in these towns... To me at least. It strokes my inner lolita. In not a wired way, a purely happy history geek way, jesh.

A statue in the park next to Town Hall.
A look down the main street... At least the trees down the main street.
Picture of a side street, a little piece of the theater, and the mountains. 
Better picture of the movie theater.
More of the main street.
The lord cat watching over all its domain. 
A picture on the main street... Those are all cars waiting for the light to change... They are not parked.
The little place we walked down to get to behind the other shops.
A little pond in the back, It was very pretty to say the least. Made me want to dip my feet in it. 
Some of the hidden shops behind the main street. I told my dad that a lot of tourist must not know that this place is here. It was practically empty, and super stylized and glamorous.  
It started to rain again! Yay!
The little restaurant where we got food. It was so cute, and tons of people were eating outside of it. I stopped and said that when we came back I would love to eat here, and my awesome mom said we could eat there right now... then. 
The food I ate, it was so delicious!!! Yum!
Squares in the Park.
Some people getting a horse drawn cart ride. It kinda look natural...
Another statue at the park outside of the Town Hall, this one is of the guy who founded Rocky Mountain National Park.
The fort outside, and to the side of the small police station. I am sad we didn't get to explore it. 

I highly suggest going to Estes Park if you ever happen being in the area. Anytime of the year, though during the winter it might suck, for lack of a better word. The mountains see a lot of snow during the winter and it just gets really slushy and nasty. So even though there are tons of people everywhere during the spring (I would suggest going in late spring, early spring is still very cold, and snowy) and summer those are the best times to go. Estes Park is deffenitly a place to go.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Little Something About Nothing.

I really wanted to do a outfit of the day today, but instead I ended up cleaning my room. I know what that sounds like, a bit childish, I guess.
Well I choose to look at it as out with the old and in with the new. I recently have just been in a huge huge ditch in my life sense I graduated High school. I am in college, but I am more of a statue, I am not going anywhere any time fast.

I figured getting all the dirt and dust, while bringing in light would be good for my life. So that is what I did, I just cleansed everything out. I feel so light and wonderful now. Like the little piece of world I can control has been set to rights.

I guess the weird part about my life at this point was just last night I realized that the reason my life has been in the ditch was not because I am a lazy good for nothing, but in fact is I am afraid of change. I am afraid of what change will bring to my life. I am scared to open up to the world knowing that the world can kick your ass sometimes. (Sorry, needed to be said.) And as cliche as it sounds, I am holding my self back from the life that I want not because I am lazy, but because I am scared of becoming who I really want to be.

Deep I know. Hold on to your horses, 'cause now we are going to get superficial. Oh, yeah.

Recently I have totally been obsessed with The Shining. I can't even. It has kicked Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind right out of the top spot. I have even decided that my first tattoos (of many I hope) are going to be Shining related. They will be small because I want to see how I will deal with a needle punching into my skin repeatedly for awhile. Than, if it doesn't bother me too much, I will get my bigger cooler tattoos. That won't be for a while though, so don't hold on to your hats.
Speaking of changes, I know I have said or hinted in some other posts that I will be doing more stuff with fashion, and this is true. After this next outfit of the day I will start putting things in motion. I made this blog with certain ideas in mind, and goals. I hope to reach them, and go beyond what I have set up for myself. So I know that it isn't really to the point, and I keep beating around the bush about what I am going to be doing here soon. But I promise a lot still will stay the same.
I like that right now I am just typing in to a unknown world where I will either be accepted or be useless. I like this post because you get to know me that much better. That this in my own space which I can transform to fit every piece of me that I want to express.

I hope you have liked what you read of me so far, and care enough to still stick around after this crazy post.

See you all soon. Hope you all are well.


Haha, I did a post with no pictures. That is weird....

Edit: I am sorry, but it looks like I might have to delay my Outfit of the day. It seems all the things that can go wrong with my face has gone wrong. I had a really bad breakout, that goes away. Then a spider bites me six times, the bites go down. But then I scratch my eye in my sleep, so my eye is all red. And know I have a fat lip. So when that goes down than I will do one. So for the mean time I will do other things I had planed for after the outfit, and keep you posted on how things are going. So thank you for understanding, and dealing with all this. It just really sucks. And I just really want to dress up! Ugh. So hope you guys are good and see you soon. Cookie... again...

Sunday, July 15, 2012


So you might have heard that there are many fires in Colorado now, I really haven't said anything about it because I don't live in any of the affected areas. My heart goes out to all the people who have been affected, it is terrible. Colorado, for those who don't know, has fires almost every year, and even though so many trees and animals die or get hurt or lose a house, these fires are usually out in the boonies. So luckily not much people or houses are lost or hurt in these fires. However we weren't so lucky this year, it has been so dry that during some thunder storms lightning would hit and BAM fire. And it has been largely big populations and cities that have been at risk. We (my small group of friends) like to joke a lot and say that we are falling in to hell, or that we are Mordor! So I hope all the time for rain and cooler weather here. Lucky for me it happen today and the other day as well!!! I was so happy! So enjoy my rain pictures! :)
Grey sky's and wind... what is coming????
Art-sty rain pic, it is required.
Hope you enjoyed the pics! Send love to the people who are and who have been affected by fires! See you soon!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wardrobe Post: Lolita #2

This is the second part of the foundation of all that is to come. I know a bit anti-climatic right? But this is the second part of my lolita wardrobe post. So you will get to see everything I have. Than hopefully we can than get to the good stuff, eh? So enjoy!


Skirts #1

1. Bodyline (1377)
2. Sweet Rococo

Skirts #2

Sweet Rococo

Cardigans and a Cutsew:


1. Metamorphose Teddy Repairman Cutsew
2. Bodyline Cardigan (1109)
3. Angelic Pretty Cardigan
4. Angelic Pretty Ribbon Border Short Sleeve Knit Cardigan

Parasols and the Like:

Parasols and the Like

1. Jacket from my Gran
2. Cardigan is a gift from a friend
3. Alice and the Pirates
4. Angelic Pretty

Hair Accessories:

Hair Accessories #1

1. PrinCutrness IW style Bonnet (QutieLand)
2. Sweet Rococo
3. Strawberry Skies Strawberry Space Rangers
4. Baby the Stars Shine Bright
5. Angelic Pretty Sugar Pansy
6. Metamorphose
7. Metamorphose
8. Metamorphose
9. Sweet Rococo
10. Metamorphose
11. Metamorphose

Hair Accessories #2

1. Hand made
2. Hello Kitty
3. Claire's
4. Hello Kitty (via Target)
5. Claire's
6. Dollar Store (all three)
7. Claire's

Socks and the Like:

Socks and the Like

1. Hot Topic
2. Secret Shop
3. Angelic Pretty
4. Secret Shop
5. Baby the Stars Shine Bright
6. Secret Shop
7. Fan Plus Friend (F+F)
8. F+F
9. Forever 21
10. Target
11. Bodyline
12. Bodyline
13. Bodyline
14. Angelic Pretty


Loli Shoes

Black: An*tai*na Baby Style Platform Shoes
White: Miranda Cutie Bows Shoes
Pink: Angelic Pretty
Brown: Bodyline (256)

So that is all of my lolita wardrobe! It is funny that it never feels like enough stuff, but once you start putting it all out it is a lot more. So now you know what I have, so now we can move forward! Yay. Please ask questions if you have any. Do you have a wardrobe post up? I love looking at other peoples clothes. Till next time!