Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wardrobe Post: Lolita #1

So remember that post where I wrote about how I would talk about my clothes and where I was going with them? Well here is part 1.5! I would have to say that my shirt cropping was part .5 though...
In this post you will see what I consider my full Lolita wardrobe and what it consist of. This will help me in later posts that I will make. I am glad to say I am laying the foundation for many interesting post to come.
So I am going to stop teasing you all and show you my clothes!
Hey, just a reminder, that this post leads to other post I consider basics. I just really want to help people out, in my own limited way and this is a good way to start.

Dresses #1
1. Sweet Rococo
2. Metamorphose Ballerina Print JSK

Dresses #2
3. Fan Plus Friend Shirring Back Tiered Pintuck Frills Dress/JSK
4. MILK Velveteen Black JSK
Dresses #3

5. Strawberry Skies's Strawberry Space Rangers
6. Bodyline's Love Nadia(1029)

Dresses #4

7. Bodyline (1142)
8. R-Series Antique Rosy Profile JSK

Dresses #5

9. Angelic Pretty Sugar Pansy Tiered JSK
10. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Usakumya Sweets JSK


Blouses #1

1. Anna House
2. Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Blouses #2

3.Sweet Rococo
4. Anna House
5. Angelic Pretty

I am going to split my Lolita Wardrobe post into two. So I hoped you enjoyed the first part. Please don't be afraid to ask any questions, if you have any. Till next time.


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