Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wardrobe Post: Lolita #2

This is the second part of the foundation of all that is to come. I know a bit anti-climatic right? But this is the second part of my lolita wardrobe post. So you will get to see everything I have. Than hopefully we can than get to the good stuff, eh? So enjoy!


Skirts #1

1. Bodyline (1377)
2. Sweet Rococo

Skirts #2

Sweet Rococo

Cardigans and a Cutsew:


1. Metamorphose Teddy Repairman Cutsew
2. Bodyline Cardigan (1109)
3. Angelic Pretty Cardigan
4. Angelic Pretty Ribbon Border Short Sleeve Knit Cardigan

Parasols and the Like:

Parasols and the Like

1. Jacket from my Gran
2. Cardigan is a gift from a friend
3. Alice and the Pirates
4. Angelic Pretty

Hair Accessories:

Hair Accessories #1

1. PrinCutrness IW style Bonnet (QutieLand)
2. Sweet Rococo
3. Strawberry Skies Strawberry Space Rangers
4. Baby the Stars Shine Bright
5. Angelic Pretty Sugar Pansy
6. Metamorphose
7. Metamorphose
8. Metamorphose
9. Sweet Rococo
10. Metamorphose
11. Metamorphose

Hair Accessories #2

1. Hand made
2. Hello Kitty
3. Claire's
4. Hello Kitty (via Target)
5. Claire's
6. Dollar Store (all three)
7. Claire's

Socks and the Like:

Socks and the Like

1. Hot Topic
2. Secret Shop
3. Angelic Pretty
4. Secret Shop
5. Baby the Stars Shine Bright
6. Secret Shop
7. Fan Plus Friend (F+F)
8. F+F
9. Forever 21
10. Target
11. Bodyline
12. Bodyline
13. Bodyline
14. Angelic Pretty


Loli Shoes

Black: An*tai*na Baby Style Platform Shoes
White: Miranda Cutie Bows Shoes
Pink: Angelic Pretty
Brown: Bodyline (256)

So that is all of my lolita wardrobe! It is funny that it never feels like enough stuff, but once you start putting it all out it is a lot more. So now you know what I have, so now we can move forward! Yay. Please ask questions if you have any. Do you have a wardrobe post up? I love looking at other peoples clothes. Till next time!


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