Sunday, July 15, 2012


So you might have heard that there are many fires in Colorado now, I really haven't said anything about it because I don't live in any of the affected areas. My heart goes out to all the people who have been affected, it is terrible. Colorado, for those who don't know, has fires almost every year, and even though so many trees and animals die or get hurt or lose a house, these fires are usually out in the boonies. So luckily not much people or houses are lost or hurt in these fires. However we weren't so lucky this year, it has been so dry that during some thunder storms lightning would hit and BAM fire. And it has been largely big populations and cities that have been at risk. We (my small group of friends) like to joke a lot and say that we are falling in to hell, or that we are Mordor! So I hope all the time for rain and cooler weather here. Lucky for me it happen today and the other day as well!!! I was so happy! So enjoy my rain pictures! :)
Grey sky's and wind... what is coming????
Art-sty rain pic, it is required.
Hope you enjoyed the pics! Send love to the people who are and who have been affected by fires! See you soon!

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