Saturday, October 20, 2012

Outfits Running Through My Head: Black Cat's and Witches/ Halloween Time

Black Cat, Witch, Apple Tree Halloween inspired outfit:

Black Cat, Witch, Apple Tree Halloween themed outfit

So this outfit has been in my head for a couple of days, and has encouraged me to finally get a polyvore! It was a lot of fun picking everything out, and putting it all together. A shameful secret I have is that I am pretty lack luster when it comes to coords sometimes, hopefully this site will help me out and make me stretch my creativity. How do you guys like the outfit! Be nice it is my first one after all. :D
See you guys soon.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tips and Tricks: Lolita, Starting Your Wardrobe (part 2)

As promised in this post, I am going to continue on with this series! I am doing this, once again, because I want to help you out with your first steps in Lolita. Where I only had some things from the internet, I want you to have the inside story. So you don't make the same mistakes I did. I want you to get the bang for your buck, and know what might happen so you are not surprised when you get packages.

As in the last post, these are some suggestions with my own examples to help. You could choose a huge variety of different things for your wardrobe, or do your wardrobe in a different way, but maybe this could help you and I hope it does. This time we will focus on the last two things, that you might really really need before you get your dress, blouses and shoes! This post will be mostly about how you can profit from my mistakes, and I made a lot of them when it came to the blouses and shoes. So on we go!


Please, please, please remember your colors when doing shopping for blouses. It is really important to have blouses that match the color scheme for the begging of your wardrobe. If you remember, I choose the simple colors of black and white. (However, these don't have to be the only colors to choose. You could have chosen other colors for your wardrobe.) Some things to remember, if you don't have the money, don't worry about buying brand.

My first blouse, may you not be as dumb as me when getting a blouse and not spend all the money.
Some things to look for when buying your first blouse it to diffidently make sure that they have detachable sleeves. This way you can wear that blouse one of two ways, which will get more wear and more bang for your buck. ( I will talk more about this when we start talking about coords.)

Some other things to also make sure to remember when you are getting your new shirts, besides the colors and detachable sleeves that is. Make sure you don't go to extravagant your first time around, I know that that flowy chiffon shirt would be perfect for your classical coord, but could you wear that during the winter? Would that also match your other clothes? By focusing on colors and simple dress ideas you expand the use of your wardrobe by a whole lot more, so keep it simple and don't worry too much about the lolita sub-styles. After getting a good handle on your wardrobe than you can branch out and buy the flowy stuff, the extravagances that you didn't need in the begging. (Unless you really really want that shirt and it is going to be a huge piece in your wardrobe. What I am saying is don't make snap buying decisions. Get the stuff that can really help out your wardrobe early on.)


Once again, before you jump on to the bandwagon of hot shoe shopping in lolita, I would highly suggest looking through the shoes you enjoy wearing in everyday life. If you love wearing 4-inch heels than you can do that. If you love your tennis shoes more than anything (well you might want to do that more for causal lolita but they are your clothes) you can do that, like if you like your tennis shoes or flats because they are comfortable and close to the ground lolita has shoes that can fit those needs. If you like platforms (flatforms or whatever... you know what I mean), punk shoesgothic shoes, steam punk shoes... lolita can fit those needs as well! There are tons of styles to look from and use in your lolita wardrobe. But remember to stay with in your colors, and stay with what you like or would normally wear and you are good to go. (click links for examples of the shoes.)

My most worn shoes next to my brown ones! These are perfect!!!! Easy to walk in, something I am used too, and comfortable to boot. Say yes to the shoes people!
 Some helpful tips though. When buying white shoes remember that you will be wearing them... so they are going to get dirty and scuff... If you don't want to really worry about that look into getting darker color shoes that will easily hide that better. 

Also, sometimes the shoes will be uncomfortable, especially if you are used to wearing tennis shoes and flats all the time. Keep the shoes you wear everyday in mind when shopping for you lolita shoes, if you are used to tennis shoes get the flats because they will hurt your feet less, and you can wear them for longer with out worrying about your feet falling off.

Because this has no ankle support I don't wear them much, my feet just fall out of them. They are also the most uncomfortable lolita shoe I own, just because it  is cute doesn't mean it will be fun.
Make sure you get the right size and fit. Or what I mean is that they are structured for you to walk. This means making sure you are getting the right size and making sure the straps will keep your foot in the shoe. (Something I messed up in.) Definitely make sure that the straps are placed so that your feet won't fall out while walking. 

Watch out for the accessories that come with the shoes. Some shoes you will buy will come with detachable bows or the like. These can easily get lost, make sure you remember that when going out and whether or not you want to keep them on when going out. You can get replacement bows or what not that you lost, but that just ends up costing extra money.

Off brand shoes are made with the same material as brand shoes. That is right you read me. So when buying your shoes, unless you want the brand item because it is X brand, don't worry about spending all that money. In the end you pay less for the same stuff when buying lolita shoes. Try not to pay too much more. I mean we are on a budget right?

Fasten your lolita shoes once and never fasten again. So unless you are like me (I can be slow on the up take sometimes...) you might have not known that most lolita shoes come with an awesome secret. When we were younger we had to always do the long fasten thing in our dress shoes right? Where we would have to hook it through the hole and it would take a long time, right??? Well you might have guessed by now that the shoes come with these buttons, so once you fasten the shoe to the right size, you never have to do it again. You just button and un-button to get in and out of your cute lolita shoes. Don't waste your time and un-fasten and re-fasten when you first get them, that is what the buttons are there for!!

So those are just some tips and tricks I have for buying your first blouse and shoes, remember all the basics you learned as well from other sources like the forums and what not....(Avoid bad lace...etc.) And you shall do great! Hope my idiot mistakes mean you don't have to make them!!! If you have anymore tips about blouses or shoes just leave them below! See you soon.


P.S. Next Tips and Tricks for you Lolita Wardrobe will be the JSK's, OP's, and the skirts. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Some New Things: Books

Hi guys!
So awhile ago I went to the book store and picked up some much needed books. In fact I got the book I was looking for on vacation! It was a great find... And I got some other books as well of course. This is me we are talking about...

I got Anne Rice's first book of the Sleeping Beauty series, it was pretty good and want to know what happens next, however I haven't had time to get it... So maybe next time!

So while book browsing in Costco I found the Grimm's Fairy Tales and wanted to buy it right away! But I remembered what John Green said, that buying books from places like Costco and Walmart puts book stores out of business. Like Borders. So I went to Barnes and Noble and bought this one instead. I am very happy with it, even if some of the stories do make me mad.

Next, so everyone has been saying great stuff about Neil Gaiman being so great so I checked him out on tumblr. And he convinced me to try out his books! Well, what I meant was that the way he replies to his questions and the quotes in his books convinced me to try him out. I started with his comic books, and omg, they were amazing! I adored it so much I was upset I didn't buy the next ones while I was there!

Last one! While traveling I picked up this book! It is about the stories and lives of people who died in the west. I really enjoyed it for this, as I was going through (still am actually) a huge period wild west thing, and the book was a great read!

Those are the new book I bought, I probably won't be buying much for awhile seeing as I finally got my own library card finally. If you want updates or still want to know what I am reading just leave a comment! Or if you still want me to do Some New Things: Books even with the books I checked out at the library just tell me. Hope to hear from you guys.