Thursday, July 19, 2012

Places to go: Estes Park

I went camping with my family this weekend and we ended up going to Estes Park! I love this place so much, it is just so beautiful! The only sad part is we didn't get to go to the Stanley Hotel. But I am going to go later this up coming year... Maybe even for my 21st birthday! I am so excited.
So back to what I actually saw today. Estes Park is such a beautiful place, though a bit crowded in the summer. There were people from everywhere, every where. Estes Park is the home to many things, but I would have to say that it is most know for being the home of The Stanley Hotel and the Rocky Mountain National Park.
Sadly we didn't do any of these things while up there, we went only for a day trip after all. So we went shopping at the main street and enjoyed some food. I really love mountain towns, on the sea towns, or small towns in general. They always have that one "historical" street that most tourist go too. And everything always feels brighter and even more magical in these towns... To me at least. It strokes my inner lolita. In not a wired way, a purely happy history geek way, jesh.

A statue in the park next to Town Hall.
A look down the main street... At least the trees down the main street.
Picture of a side street, a little piece of the theater, and the mountains. 
Better picture of the movie theater.
More of the main street.
The lord cat watching over all its domain. 
A picture on the main street... Those are all cars waiting for the light to change... They are not parked.
The little place we walked down to get to behind the other shops.
A little pond in the back, It was very pretty to say the least. Made me want to dip my feet in it. 
Some of the hidden shops behind the main street. I told my dad that a lot of tourist must not know that this place is here. It was practically empty, and super stylized and glamorous.  
It started to rain again! Yay!
The little restaurant where we got food. It was so cute, and tons of people were eating outside of it. I stopped and said that when we came back I would love to eat here, and my awesome mom said we could eat there right now... then. 
The food I ate, it was so delicious!!! Yum!
Squares in the Park.
Some people getting a horse drawn cart ride. It kinda look natural...
Another statue at the park outside of the Town Hall, this one is of the guy who founded Rocky Mountain National Park.
The fort outside, and to the side of the small police station. I am sad we didn't get to explore it. 

I highly suggest going to Estes Park if you ever happen being in the area. Anytime of the year, though during the winter it might suck, for lack of a better word. The mountains see a lot of snow during the winter and it just gets really slushy and nasty. So even though there are tons of people everywhere during the spring (I would suggest going in late spring, early spring is still very cold, and snowy) and summer those are the best times to go. Estes Park is deffenitly a place to go.

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