Sunday, July 22, 2012

Renaissance Festival, An Outing

Today (for me at least) I went to the Renaissance Festival! Yay! I decided I needed some therapy that only shopping could cure. That and I just love the Renaissance Festival, everyone gets dressed up! In period(ish) clothing as well, people in costumes are everywhere!
So my sister took me out with her, and we had a blast! Well minus the 100 degree weather, and hot overbearing sun. So here is how the day went!

Fliers for the Event

When we first got there, there was a huge line!!! Not just of people waiting to get in... but getting off the Highway as well!!! It took us, like (I don't really know) 30 minutes to get in just to get a parking space! The line started at the sign that said the turn off was in 3/4 miles. We waited in line for 3/4 of a mile, goodness!
Than we walk up to the entrance where some of the "Lords" were waving at us from their lofty tower... I wanted to say something to them, but alas my wit abandoned me. (I sadly have no pictures of this, or of the entrance.)
When we walked in we were greated by bagpipes, and kilts! So before the shopping went down, me and my sister stopped and listened to some music.

They all looked so cool! And they where really good. 

After we listened for awhile we decided to start shopping! All the shops are really cute, but pretty expensive. That is saying that most everything is made by hand and made in silver or sterling silver, so it is to be expected, that and prices are probably bloated because it is the Renaissance Festival (something I am not really sure about, but could make some sense.)

What do you think this shop sells? If you guessed hats, you might be right!

Can you tell yet that I really love Scottish things?

These where some of the shops that we first saw that we had to take pictures of! I found something to buy right away and made a beeline for it. (I however not going to post the stuff that I bought in this post, I am going to do a shopping haul soon, and that is where you will see the stuff.)

Okay, you can have one picture of what I got. It is a skull tiger's eye necklace. 

While shopping around I saw so many people I wanted to take a picture of. I was terribly shy and didn't want to seem creepy about asking to take their picture, but my sister encouraged me to go ahead and do it. So I got some real good pictures of the people what looked amazing all dressed up! I am upset that I didn't get everyone I saw's picture, so many people looked just amazing!

I have started to call her the Lady in White, she just has so much elegance. And totally made my day!

Than we really got down to shopping, and we went in and out of most of the little shops, but mostly because we wanted to stay out of the heat. It started getting so hot there! Everyone that wasn't moving around was standing in the shade talking.
I am very glad I didn't wear lolita, because I would have melted like the Wicked Witch of the West. It was so hot and yet people where still walking around in armor, in blue paint, and dressed to the nines as pirates! I give them mad props, because I wanted to run home to air conditioning and I was wearing shorts and a light t-shirt, and they are definitely wearing more clothes than me.
While watching a little show they put on (they put on a lot of little shows and skits), something about German Rappers... I found more people to take pictures of.

Okay, can you tell now how much I love Scottish things? Plus, big sword and kilt? Be still my heart.

She looked so cool! I loved how she put her outfit together, look how pretty she is!

After taking their pictures, me and my sister went back to browsing the shops. That is when we found the steam-punk shop. Beelines where made, sadly I didn't have enough money to get anything. That and I don't want to spend $30 on something I could get for cheaper on Etsy if I looked.

I literally ran up to this outfit, than into the store. I was a women possessed.

Afterwards, I mean after fangirling all over the shop, than leaving with nothing (sad day for me). We went walking for a bit more, got some water to drink. Listened to some music, it was called Cast In Bronze, and had to do with huge bells. It reminded me of the Hunchback of Notre Dame honestly. And we looked at the Joust Arena before we finally decided it was too hot to continue for the rest of the day.

This guy was selling Ice Cream. He totally made this picture cooler. (lol, I am so punny!)

So we headed back to where we came from, feeling if I do say so myself, a bit like time travelers.


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