Monday, June 25, 2012

Some New Movies: Brave

This June 22, 2012 I went to see Brave. So I guess this is a mini-review for you guys, because I don't want to give too much away.

For those who don't know Merida, or what the commercials say for this movie (basically those who live under rocks) here is the gist of all that before we get to the meat. So Merida is from Scotland, and it is based in the past. (I know, I am being a bit obvious, bear with me.) If I had to place it I would say it was around the time the Romans were trying to invade???? Maybe? Not really? I don't know, that is my best guess. She is the princess that doesn't want to get married. She wants to continue the life she has right now. She likes to ride her... well giant horse, shoot arrows, sword fight, climb, and so on. However her mom the Queen wants her to get married. This is pretty much all the trailers tell you. They played the whole plot pretty close to the chest.

Now some back ground on the movie. It is made by Pixar and being distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. It is also Pixar's first princess movie! All the actors are from the United Kingdom, that I can tell of. And they went to Scotland and other such places to get the look right. They went so far as to make new brushes for Merida's hair and the moss you see everywhere.

Now it is time for the actual meat. Or the sample piece of meat. So the rumors are true, she does not find a prince at all! Well, she meets the suitable suitors for her hand in marriage but she doesn't get married. In fact she doesn't even have a boyfriend by the end of the movie! Now don't get me wrong this is a very loving movie, just not a romantic loving movie. It is something I would totally see with my family, or just my mom. ~hint hint~
Totally leaving that line of thought behind we go to Merida her self. Now since Little Mermaid came out we have had more and more strong women roles for our princess. Gone are the times of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, we were getting princess who were stronger. Merida is the strongest princess I have seen up to date, with Princess Tiana coming in a close second. Trying not to give anything away... but remember when I wrote about her sword fighting and shooting arrows? Well there will be some great action scene's with her, staring her, with all her awesome skills! And she is not, and I can not stress this enough, she is not and damsel in distress!

Moving on, I don't know if you ever watched Hayao Miyazaki's movies, but in most of them there isn't a "bad guy", not one true one, just misunderstood people or people in a tough situation. I think you will find that true about this movie as well.

Well, to rap up this completely teasing post, and may I say quite random post, I suggest you take the time and go see this movie. It will not be a waste of your time, not in any way, shape or form. So enjoy the movie!


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