Monday, August 27, 2012

Places to Go: Camping in Colorado-Part 3

The last post that we will have of this camping trip, I promise. This is was the little hiking that we did that was near our camp grounds. This place is called Zapata Falls, and was one of the most magical things I have ever seen in my life. Well worth the hike! So here goes the story of that great morning and noon time.

We left pretty early, around 9am or 10am. We drove up a very, very long dirt road that bounced us all over the truck. When we finally reached the parking for the trail, this was our view. It is the valley, and it stretches out to where you could see the Sand Dunes. From where we parked it was 1/2 a mile up to the Falls.

So we started hiking, and the trial was pretty much all just up hill. There where many benches you could stop along the way to rest, in case you needed too. The best part was that some of the benches were mostly under shade, which is really nice if you are walking in the dry heat of the sun.

When we got to "the falls", well they weren't what we were expecting. All you could see what a stream, and further back awesome rock formations, that rose up out of the ground. The worst part was that you could hear the falls, but you couldn't see them! Super frustrating. So while walking back everyone decided that we would love to hike up and see the lake, which is where we were hoping to find the falls.

So we started hiking up the steep trail cut into the face of the mountain to go see the lake, in hopes to go see the falls. We didn't see any signs while hiking to the lake about how far we needed to go, or if we were even going in the same direction. We just kept walking.

Just to show you how steep the trails are, that is my nephew at the top of the hill we had to hike up.  

So we kept hiking and moving and looking at some spectacular views if I do say so myself. And than we reached this fork in the road. It now occurs to me that this could really apply to that whole road less traveled thing. And guess which road we took? The one without the tree branches covering it.

Along the hike we saw some very amazing stuff. Like some meadows and fallen trees. My dad expressed his wishes of living up in the mountains around here, and I agreed. It was just magical, and you couldn't help but to think of who else hiked on those trails, whether it was from yesterday or centuries ago. I commented to my dad that I could easily see why Lewis and Clark so loved the wilderness out west. And we kept hiking and hiking and hiking. Stopping to take some cool pictures every now and than.

And guess what? We kept hiking! The ground started to level out, and we started to hear water again. We heard that water for about 15 to 20 minutes. We were so excited! We were getting close to the lake, we hoped.

Nope, it wasn't a lake that we stopped at. But where else could we go? The trail had completly ended, there was no more place to hike, no lake to see. We hiked up the mountain not to see the lake, but to see another stream! We all were bummed out, and figured that the other trail in to fork in our road lead us to the lake. So we sat down, ate, and took some pictures. While we didn't get to go where we wanted, I really enjoyed to unexpectedness of the adventure we went to go see the stream. I didn't feel mad that I didn't get to see the lake at all. However, I still wanted to see the falls. I started thinking... I could hear the falls where the signs said it should be, but not see it. I turned to my dad and said that one the way down we should stop at "the falls" again. He said he would think about it, that he was tired. I explained to him that we should because I was pretty sure the falls where behind the huge rock formations.

So we all finished eating, put our trash in our bags, and started the decent down the mountain. From where we ate, you could see the ledge of the mountain or ridge. That was just so cool to me, that fact the we went all the way up, we were that much closer to the sky. On the way down we kept stopping for more pictures, as well as to pick some of the beautiful flowers there. Surprsingly (not) it took us way less time to go down the mountain rather than up, which is a good thing because the sun was baking us alive, and clouds started to roll in. And it seemed like no time at all and we were near "the falls" again.

I convinced my dad to go with me and his grandson. While we went back up to the stream, a daycare was walking back towards us. All the kids were really excited, and keep exclaiming on how awesome it was. I was right! The falls where behind the giant rocks! So we started to climb all over the rocks like we were Gollum, so our feet wouldn't get wet... Till we gave up and just started to walk in the water. We went around one rock, and the noise went up one notch... but we still couldn't see it. So we kept going till we went around another and...

I think it was well worth it.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Places to Go: Camping in Colorado-Part 2

Just like last time I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves. But a little back story first. During the summer you want to go hiking and exploring in the morning in the Rocky Mountains. This is because the heat and pressure pushes against the mountains (or something like that), and during the early evenings there are thunder storms. It would be terrible to be caught out in that when hiking. So even though it rained almost every evening, it did give me so cool pictures.

Just another cloudy day. You didn't really have to read this....

Rain on a window, because I am edgy like that. I make good art.

A clearing in the sky over the valley!

Can you see the rainbow? I freaked out when I saw it... Lol.

Some shady mountains... See what I did there?

See that dark spot on the bottom of the Picture? That is the ground. Just some more clouds!!!! 

My favorite picture, I like the contrast between the light and the dark. With some yellow flowers! Yay.

That is the mountains and clouds pictures. I hope they aren't a huge waste of your time. I found them awe-inspiring and majestic. I loved seeing the dark ominous clouds covering everything in the valley and making the mountains look terrifying.  It was just pretty freaking cool. 
Next time we are going hiking in Zapata Falls! So look forward to those awesome pictures. :)


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Places to Go: Camping in Colorado-Part 1

So the trip at this point is a huge blur to me... What I am going to do is let the pictures speak for themselves and add in a helpful word or two here or there.
So reading that top part, and seeing the part 1 title probably makes you a bit confused. I was gone for a week, in the Mountains... There are a lot of pictures to say the least. So much that I am NOT editing most of them if I can help it... Before I started to erase the ones I didn't like and what not, I had about 117 photos! And not much more because my camera started to die!!! So I did what I could. So there will be parts for sure! I hope you guys enjoy these posts as much as I enjoyed the camping trip, I didn't even want to come home.

That is it for this time. You got to see the camp grounds we stayed at, outside of The Great Sand Dunes. Next time you will get to see pretty clouds on the way back from my grandparents cabin.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some New Things: Books, Clothes, and A Movie

Hello to all (okay, just a couple) of you! I am not dead, I just didn't want to get on the internet. So hi, I am okay... If you were wondering... If not, this just became awkward.
So if you are a super fangirl of mine, meaning you read my blog EVERY DAY (yeah right), you would have noticed that I was gone camping! Yay! The outdoors, and socialization! Just what the Doctor ordered. While out and about I picked up some new things... and here they are!

I went on my first successful thrift shopping of my whole life! And I am so excited because I found some 90's things!!!! Because that is what people are getting rid of these days. I really am just crazy about this stuff!

Some shorts and a new crop top. I can't wait to wear the crop top out of some where. 

I got both of these high wasted jeans in order to make them high wasted shorts! I can't wait, I have been looking for them everywhere. So I am finally making my own. 

And this jumper/coveralls. I really liked them, they are weird and cool. I think they might be tricky for coords, but cool nerveless. 

I am very happy with my books and have finished most of them already! I can't wait to talk to you guys about them. The only sad part was that I didn't get the ONE BOOK I was really really looking for! It was not a happy day for me... I hope to get that book soon though. So fingers crossed!!!!

I have The Shining, The Great Gatsby, The Catcher in the Rye, and Lothaire. I have already read three of them and will hopefully do some reviews for you guys very soon! 

A Movie:
The only movie I got this time... But the only movie that really stood out for me! I saw it and grabbed it! I had to have it! And no regrets, now I boogie all threw the night.

I really love this movie now that I have seen it from begging to end! I can really understand why it is a cult classic, so much so that I am surprised no one has tried to remake it. 

Well that is all for this post, look forward to my (crosses fingers) "short" post(s) about the actual trip.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hey guys! Sorry about not updating, I am usually really good at updating! But the for the last week I have been camping with some of my family. Sorta end of the summer thing. So expect so see some post about that, and in parts! As well as some new things post, as well as some book reviews! So stay tuned. :D


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Formal Introduction from Cookie

In which you can see the weirdness in real life that you have been reading on here! 

I talk about my likes and you can see me in real life and in action! Comes with color and sound, though the coloring isn't great, neither is my camera! I hop you guys enjoy! :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tips and Tricks: Lolita, Starting Your Wardrobe

Making this post makes me realize a couple of things, that first I have not finished my wardrobe, that I don't know where to exactly start, and this is all a little loose because everyone can do it a different way. This is how I started my Lolita Wardrobe, and some of the things I learned on the way. The things I am missing, the last "essential" things would be some winter coats. As in most things I am going to start from where I started, research. Hopefully this will help you, and me as well.

Many people will say that you should choose a sub-style first. However I would say that you don't have to do that. To start from the very very begging I would choose the colors you want to build your wardrobe around. If you are not sure about this, I would look at what you wear most often day to day. These are clothes after all, and you want to wear something that you will feel comfortable in. Don't even worry about coordination (which we will get to later) when choosing colors. And you can choose one color up to as much colors as you want. These colors will be the bases of your wardrobe, and may change over time.
When I got started I choose the two most often used colors in Lolita, black and white. Many people will say that those are an ita combination, but they shouldn't be based on what you buy.
Those were the first two colors I choose, and have since expanded my color pallet. With my wardrobe mostly stable and well rounded, I feel I can expand on the colors I choose.

The colors that I choose at first

Now that we have chosen our colors that we want to make our wardrobe out of, we must now do the hardest part (in my opinion), saving up for the clothes.
I don't care if you save up loose change, or get a job, or get allowances from you parents or what not, always always remember that you pay for what you get. This meaning that if you buy from a brand name like Angelic Pretty or Baby The Stars Shine Bright you mostly will get very superb quality. Good quality usually means good design, good non-scratchy lace, and you will get full lining (for the dresses and the skirts). If you buy from say...Bodyline or Taboo they are usually without the great details, and the lining... sometimes the lace can be good or bad, so watch which dress you invest in. The last one you could look for is handmade or indie brands. These will usually be just about as good or in between name brands and taboo. Though many people buy dresses first, I would highly suggest against this.
So while at first you save up for a dress, it shouldn't be your first purchase. I would suggest that you first purchases revolve around accessories, headdress, petticoats, and socks. These are the things that will make a good foundation to your wardrobe and in some cases (like the petticoat) hold it up. And not just that, will give you a lot of room to play with your looks.
One of the biggest purchases in lolita is the petticoat. This to many people is like buying the perfect house, it can take awhile, and many people will make many mistakes before finding that gold nugget.
I have three petticoats myself, and these all vary in style as well as poof. In lolita poof factor is a huge deal! How big do you want your poof, you might ask? How big is the perfect poof? These questions, I have learned varies dress from dress. Not only that, but many petticoats lose their poof! This can really suck if you are spending around $50 for a petticoat, and it doesn't hold up.
So here are some tips.

F+F petticoat, which I won't be linking because it loses its poof really fast. And Candy Violet Petticoat that is super super huge.
The Classical Puppets Petticoat, it is the perfect poof... For most of my dresses. You can get them here or here.

Careful what you buy, I would try to stay away from Bodyline petticoats, and petticoats with tulle. Look for petticoats with chiffon or lots of layers. Some of the best petticoats are from Classical Puppets, and the fluffy ones, from Candy Violet.
Petticoats can be a bit expensive, but considering you wear them a lot more often than the dresses, it would be good to invest a little into it. It will be worth it in the long run.
Socks, accessories, and headdresses should be easier. You can get lots of these for fairly cheap and anywhere!

All of my leg wear stay with the colors I choose to base my wardrobe on. The first pair or the ones I got from F+F and are pretty plain. The second pair are a bit more fun (the white has see through flower patterns) and I got them from a taboo store, they are secret shop socks. My tights! They are flower patterned and polka dots (which are more see through once they are on).

For socks and general leg covering, like tights...
Tights can match anything and can make some great coords. What is best is that you can get them anywhere. I got my tights from Target, and Forever 21. People like Holly Tea Time (indie accessories) even makes their own tights now! Socks can be gotten from taboo or brand name as well. Secret Shop is a really great cheap alternative if your wallet is a little light. Make sure that even when buying tights or socks that you are still keeping with your colors!
Hair accessories from Claire's and Taboo/indie brands. These all stay with in my color themes.

Accessories and headdresses are the easiest to find! You can find all these at Claire's for a fair price. Or you can find them online, I really enjoy small businesses that sell accessories. Online places, such as Etsy or Holly Tea Time, are good places to start looking. You can find really great handmade jewelry there.
As for headdress, you can have big bows, small bows, and in-between bows! You can get them from anywhere! And I mean anywhere. Target, Claire's, or even Baby The Stars Shine Bright! That is totally up to you and how much you are willing to spend. But make sure that your headdresses match the colors you choose for your wardrobe!

And this is how I started/wish I started my Lolita Wardrobe. It would have saved me some money. So I hope you guys learn from my mistakes. If you have any questions or suggestions, don't be afraid to leave a comment!
Next time I will be covering shoes and blouses, so look forward to that!