Saturday, September 22, 2012

Some New Things: First Lolita Wig

So I broke down and got myself my first lolita wig! Though I didn't really get it for fun, I got it for jobs. That is to be my life if I want to keep weird hair colors and styles.
However it is my first lolita wig, and I mean lolita wig! I got it from Gothic Lolita Wigs, because I assumed that I could wear it for both... even though I did buy it for jobs... But whatever, it is my money. (This is my motto by the way.... lol.)

Tada! What it looked like coming in. Great packaging.
 So I ordered it and it came in a couple of days later! I was really happy because I wanted it for going job shopping. The packaging was pretty good too. I was in a bag in a bag in the net. And there was a cardboard around it so the wig didn't get really smashed.

What it looked like in the clear bag... I totally made sure you guys couldn't see where I lived.  Hahaha... I am so cool.  
I pulled it out and checked it, combed it through with my fingers and shook it out. I really loved the colors and it looked promising. It also came with a wig cap! Yay! However it isn't the net one, it is like nylon... I sweat so much in it! (You guys really needed to know that.)

Tada!!!!! Me with it on. One day I will get the hang of it. :) 
It was a really weird experience putting it on! It was the first time I have ever ever worn a wig and it was a really different. Many people at my school thought I had got my hair done. They where really surprised when I told them it was a wig. I couldn't believe people thought it was my real hair! I felt like everyone would know it was fake. I felt like I was wearing a huge balloon on my head.

My favorite picture with the wig on so far. I will keep getting better at putting it on I hope. :)
So that is my first wig! I loved how I can change my whole look in just five seconds. And I can't wait to get more! They are pretty freaking cool.

Would you guys like a video of the review and what not? Yes or No? Well I hope you guys enjoyed my first wig! See you around!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Catcher in the Rye "Review"

So I did my first book "review" for you guys. And you might be sitting here, reading this wondering why review is in "". Well it is because I wouldn't really call this a review... But tell me what you guys think??? Review or no. Or if you have any questions....