Monday, June 18, 2012

Some New Things: Muggle Clothes

With sometime between some of the other post I planned to make I figured I would do a bit of an wardrobe update. I went shopping the other day and got what I call 'muggle clothes', or basically non-lolita clothes. I haven't shopped like that for like two years. Nothing ever really stood out to me. But now it seems that the 90's are coming back in (with our own twist naturally) and I LOVE these clothes, I can't get enough of them! This might be a lot of pictures, so I don't want to scare you all right away! Only over time. So I hope you enjoy the clothes I bought. Maybe I could do an item seven ways? I think that would be fun.

So these are the clothes I bought to revamp my wardrobe. Have you guys started a new wardrobe, or tried a new look with the clothes you already have? Do you have any tips for me? Hope you enjoyed!



  1. WHERE did you get that bra thing and for how much? I need it, I require it.

    1. Forever 21, for about $16 dollars I believe. It was better than paying way higher for the same thing! It is SUPER awesome! :D