Monday, June 11, 2012

International Lolita Day: A bit delayed

Hi guys! It has bee awhile, I admit I have been on a bit of a block not knowing what to write about first! But lucky for me one of my long time friends wanted to hang out in style for International Lolita Day! Only a bit late... But it was the first time I ever got to hangout with another Lolita while also wearing lolita. And we had so much fun! I can't wait to do it again this coming up Wednesday. I am excited to meet more lolita's in my area and get more lolita friends. With out further ado here is how are late International Lolita Day went.

We decided that we were going to go to the Barnes and Noble, and than we were going to Starbucks after. My brother and nephew came with us! And we had a blast at Barnes and Noble! I haven't ever been there with Jamie before! In fact it was the first time we were even in lolita together! We got a lot of complements from the people in the store and even got asked to have our picture taken! That was my favorite one because it has never happened to me before, and the nice lady even knew that we were dressed up in lolita! And said that one day she would like to do it as well!

Afterwards we went to Starbucks getting ready to get some drinks, when my brother suggested to go Jumba Juice instead. So we went there and he even paid for all of us! Than me and Jamie took some really cute pictures, if I do say so myself.

After enjoying our beverages we went back and collected Jamie's sister and than headed over to my parents house and played Clue for a pretty long time. Can you guess what we did after that? If you guessed pictures you would be right! I had such a fun time just taking pictures and being in them. It was pretty awesome!

Here is an extra because I am a sap and I love to edit pictures!

After that we changed and went to her house to hang out longer there. It was one of the best days I have had in awhile, and I am glad I got to spend the day with her and look forward to next week!

See you guys soon!