Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shoe Wish List

One of my last post had to do with my wish list for my Lolita dresses, and well I also wanted to do a shoe wish list too!!! Because I love shoes and a list will help me save and knock them off of my list, if I still want them. So I hope you enjoy my weird taste!

So these shoes are just my staple shoes I want to complete the wardrobe I've been working on. They are also in order of what I want to buy first to last.

Bodyline Shoes I want in a matte black to match with my wardrobe, also I think it would be harder to scuff in this color way.

Platform Converse That I saw on Tumblr forever ago, but didn't have the money to get, these are must on my list in black.

Jeffrey Campbell x Wildfox Ballerina Platforms that have been on my list of things I have wanted FOREVER, but because they are way more expensive the the two above it, these got pushed down the list because I need those shoes to complete my atheistic.

UNIF Hellraiser are the shoes I want next because they are flats which are great for the summer here, but also because look at them! *Sighs dreamily*

UNIF Hellbounds are also on the list because they would make me so tall~ hahah sike! More like they look so cool and that solid black color would match most of my clothes.
Jeffrey Campbell Litas Also in black, these are such good staple shoes, they would go with so much and really help make a look.

So those are some of the shoes that are on my wish list, I used to have more but I already bought some! So yay for that! Don't worry you will be seeing them soon, promise! What do you think? Do you think I am a proper weirdo yet? Hahaha
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed


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  1. I love that you said sike [: I miss you. We need to see each other soon.