Thursday, January 23, 2014

Personal Life: My plans about my room!

Since moving to a new place (which will be hidden from you guys because its the only way I can remain mysterious) I have got a new room situation and I thought that it would be cool to show you all what has come about in my new room, and if you like this post I also might do room updates as it goes through so small changes that it will go through as stuff like this will happen.
So first we talk about the ambitions I have for my new room!

These are the problems that I have that I am trying to fix in list order
1) My closet is a little short on space, especially as I start having money to buy Lolita again!  

2) I have a ton of books, that have to kept in my room. I can't put them else where in the house.

3) I have a ton of stuff and nick-knacks that are all over the house, some of which I want to go back into my room.

4) My room is on the smallish side so I only have so much room to do this in

Ikea Wardrobe
1) In the maybe far future but hopefully not too far, I will buy an extra Wardrobe (something I've been meaning to do for like 3 years). In this wardrobe I will move all of my muggle clothes out from my closet and make my closet only for lolita!
Amaimochi's Room on Popkakumei
2) To save room on books I will be using an idea I found on tumblr in which I put all my books around and above my desk! This is such a great idea and will hopefully cut my storage down!

3) One more self above my bed will help this a little, that and giving some nick-knacks away!

4) With some rearranging and smart thinking this should all work out, mostly I am finally getting this stuff done because... it will be easier for me to do this and carry everything when I move around! When I get another place everything should be pretty easy sailing putting my own space together!

Some other note worthy changes!
Ikea SKUBB box set
One last thing I plan to do is re-re-organize my closet! Well at least my lolita stuff, what I originally did was organize my socks and head bows all in shoe boxes! This was easy and nice free storage methods~ Well now I am ready to upgrade and buy some little boxes to put all this stuff in so I will have more space and It will be better organized!

We will see how the room turns out! Fingers crossed!!!

Till Next Time


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