Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blog Crushes! part 1

Here it is the thing we all have been dreading! The filler blog post!!
I know how people can hate fillers, but I never promised I wouldn't do them... Anyway, long story short I still have one major thing in the mail that hasn't come yet (which upsets me greatly) so most of my post have to wait for that one thing! Its really frustrating, so I was thinking this would be a good post to do for now.

Here is some of the blogs I have been crushing on (down below mates) and I would love to share them with you. There are not in any particular order, and you might know about a couple of them already.

If you have any cool blogs you would like to share, leave them down below!

First and Foremost, Parfaitdoll AKA Victoria Suzanne! She has been a big part with my lolita upbringing. She has been writing her blog since 2008! Only Parfaitdoll, is her second blog, her original blog was called Lolita Charm. I've been reading her blog since maybe 2011 or 2010?? So yeah, much love for her. She and ALB also were the two ladies who inspired me to dye my hair pink! :D (FYI it is no longer pink)

Second is p0kemina~ I just love her blog because it is so cute and I love looking at her selfies! Her selfies are like pictures of a real life doll! She is a lolita, with a septum piercing and understands a lot about things and I just enjoy going through her blog time to time. 

Next is thedarkchocolatedandy who is just an amazing person, and I enjoy him on my dash so much because he is so smart and just understands, god I'm doing this a lot aren't I? Well check out his blog and see for yourself! :D (No picture for him, because he didn't have one up for like public to see??? Anyway executive decision to not include a pic because it wasn't up on his homepage)

After him I totally need to include this chick! I love her blog so much and have been following her for years now?? I just adore her! Her blog is vampishly! I highly highly suggest you check it out because A+

Than we have happyun-birthday who is a totally laid back girl who loves many different fashions! I followed her on a whim after seeing a ero-goth-loli outfit and was smitten ever since! She is very sweet and cool!

Now we have the chick who convinced me to make a tumblr! (Besides Jamie actually using words to convince me) tempestpaige! Well what I mean is that I checked her blog every day for like 2 months before finally getting my own blog and following her on tumblr, I've seen her come a long way, and can't wait to see what she does next!

Whoa! Those are a lot of tumblr blogs! But these are the ones I see the most, and have influenced me a lot! NEXT...

Here I will put Tavi Gevinson's old blog, I will go here for inspiration and to shaken up my style funks I go into from time to time. Yes it is her old blog, she doesn't really update anymore, I read her older posts about fashion and stuff... She does Rookie now which is like a magazine for "teen" girls (aka grrls of all ages)

Lillith Gray is my last person on this list, and you might notice that this link actually goes to youtube... that's because I really like her youtube videos! Its really hard for me to find a lolita who makes interesting youtube videos and updates regularly! And it seems she fits both of those bills! I was really excited to find her videos and her fashion is stellar.

Those are all of my blog crushes at the moment! I hope I didn't bore you too much!


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