Thursday, January 2, 2014

OOTD: Lolita #3 Christmas Time Speacial!!!

Well even though Christmas isn't my favorite holiday out of the year (its right next to Valentines and Columbus Day) my family has a giant Christmas Eve party every year, and even though this post might be a bit late for Christmas I thought I would show you what I wore. It was a very casual outfit with out being a causal lolita outfit, meaning that I was dressed up but not super duper accessories everywhere dressed up. And I also used some of the new items I got in! Consider this a teaser to a wardrobe update.
Now with out further ado here is what I wore:

Christmas Cheer
Outfit Rundown~
Blouse: Bodyline
JSK: Bodyline
Socks: F+F
Headband: its a spiked headband from Claire's

See... not too dressy, like I said. You might be like what! new things! Well there is a story all about the fact I haven't gotten new lolita stuff till recently... Want to hear my story of woe? (If you do not care don't worry about it and just skip the really long post bellow..*)

 I had moved from one place to another around 2 years ago, and when I did that all my money dried up because I no longer had a job. And it took me a long long time to get a job, and where I was living it was really hard to get around seeing as I can't drive so I have to take a public transport system or walk. This made wearing lolita impossible for me because I would always worry about whether or not it would get dirty, not to mention the 2 hour bus ride to and from school. OR how snooty the place was, I just didn't fee comfortable. I basically stopped wearing my lolita I worked so hard for, and I couldn't afford new items. When I finally did get a job, it only paid enough for me to pay for school, since I pay for schooling out of my own pocket and have yet had to take out school loans, it was important for me not to spend too much money.

Here is when the story takes a turn for the best (not saying that my time there wasn't okay but hey no lolita!) I moved to a cheaper place and got a new job. And originally I was making the same as I was at the other place but than my hours tripled! ( I am not happy about this, I was going to school full time at this point and was only suppose to work these hours for 6 weeks and it turned into 3 months, needless to say I am very very very pissed, if you want to hear the whole story you can ask about it or request I make it into a post.) This meant 3X the money, which at first I was very careful not to spend, but than black Friday happened and I ended up buying new lolita for me! Which will be in a new wardrobe post, after it all gets here! No spoilers! 

*So I got a new blouse (taking my own advice from my tips and tricks post!) and two new dresses so far, this was my first time wearing both of these! I have to say I am really really happy! 

Thank you so much for reading!!! 


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