Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dress Wish List: Lolita Fashion Style

So I thought it would be a great and fantastic idea if I put some of my favorite Lolita dresses together in list form... mostly for me. Sorry, but now I have a list I can check off... But! but but, I thought you all would like to see what is up, and maybe compare wish lists??? Idk, it sounded like a good idea at the time.
And I went through and found some things so not everything is here... It would be too much work to put all of Moi-meme-motie on here! So here we go! (in fact there is a lot of Angelic Pretty????)

AP Milky Planet in Yellow, anyway I can get it!
AP Starry Night Theater 2009, in Navy for sure because look at it!

AP Fantastic Dolly OP in red, 2010 (Preferably the OP)
AP JSK Carnival Wappen 2010 in Lavender in a JSK
AP Little Bear Cafe in a Brown JSK
T his one became a dream dress by accident, I just started wanting it sooo much, it is AP French Cafe in a Navy OP
AP Holy Night Story JSK
OR AP Holy Night Story OP in any color I can get it
Meta's Twinkle Journey Jsk in a black JSK

BTSSB JSK Unicorn in Bloomland, any way I can get it

Putumayo Check Crown OP in pink
Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival, Lavender in anyway I can get it.
I dont really know that this dress is called because I first saw it on Victoria's (parfait doll's)  blog, and she said it was Emily Temple Cutes Mermaid OP though I have a problem finding it when I search for it, however I want this dress in the color.
 So this is just a small wish list off the top of my head that I would like to own one day! These dresses are actually really sweet which isn't really my style but they are so cute and whimsicle that I can not help it! I hope you enjoyed at least looking at pretty pictures, and if you have a wish list you would like to share let us hear about it! Have a great day!


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