Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lolita YouTube Video Shoutouts

You are probably so sick of hearing about YouTube lolitas! And I don't blame you!

But I kinda do! Lolita fashion has evolved so much. First it was forums, than blogspot, and now tumblr and facebook! Youtube does fit in there somewhere...

But here is the thing about lolita and youtube... it doesn't translate well. What sounds cool, fun, and exciting in print is often very different in a video format, or that is what I have found.

The Holy Grail is finding a Lolita you like on youtube that has everything you personally are looking for. 

I have only two main points I want the Lolitas I find on youtube to have!

1. Be fun to watch!
     No this doesn't have to be gimicy, but I look for a good personality that shines and ads flare to the                videos! Otherwise it can sometimes be pretty boring, its something all regular youtubers have to get used        to! Being energatic and fun leads to more views right?

2. Upload videos regularly... This doesn't really need to be explained though right? But it is very important!
     There are some lolitas that have excellent videos, but because they very regularly upload which is very
     sad, because videos is a regular watch for me!

Those are my only two requirements for lolita youtubers, actually most youtubers! Hahaha

So you will see Video links and stuff here because these people are amazing and I would love to share with you!

So this week YouTube Shoutouts are......

Hello Batty! My recent YouTuber I've started to watch recently~ If you would also like to watch her videos Click Here!

Hello Batty is colorful, enjoys many other things, but also participates in Lolita Carnival so she does update pretty regularly with videos about lolita! Watching her videos is fun and relaxing and I am glad I gave her a try. What do you guys think??


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