Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Run Down of One of my Goals for This Blog

Hey Guys! So I need your feedback (or silence, which I will assume will be a yes (This will make more sense after you finish reading))

Let me start this post with a small story, because I am going to do this post a little different than what I normally do.

Okay, so when I started this blog, I wanted it to be a window in to others lives (only mine really) about how I afford my stuff (even when it can be shameful (just to clarify, not budgeting right shameful aka spending too much money on clothes and than freaking out how I will get to school)), or if not afford at the very least how much I got mine for. There was a couple of reasons I wanted to do this, one of them is that even though I love my lolita blogs, it always seems they get these great dresses and stuff out of the blue and you have no idea how they affording it, because you believe you are doing exactly what they are doing but their wardrobe is like wow way more awesome! And when I first started out in lolita, a answer would have helped me out a bit, and also that though it might be too much information from me about how I can afford some of my stuff, that it is really is a nice resource to have to understand how some people can afford their clothes.

Basically I said that was going to be short but it isn't going to be. Hahaha!!! Sorry, I am just going to do this a little differently so that you understand how things can go down.

Sorry if my thoughts seem a little scatted. But I feel like this will help out so many loiltas who can't seem to understand how someone goes about affording and buying theses clothes. I was one of those lolitas, and only now do I understand how they buy the clohtes, but also why no one really wants to talk about it.

It is very intrusive in my life to say how much something cost and how I got the money, but I REALLY REALLY don't want to seem like I am trying to rub anything in peoples faces at all! I really just want to help and I thought I would do this post to get your feed back, should I go ahead and start dealing out my secrets on how much I spent and SOME times how I got the money?? (Most of the time it will just be from my job but lets say I get a scholarship during one month so I don't also have to pay for school outta my own pocket, that means that month I will have more money to spend on Lolita! Stuff like that.)

So what do you guys think? Would you guys think it is a good idea to put that out there? Would you like to understand more of how loita can be affored, or or or what?

Am I dumb and stupid for trying to go this direction??

I hope I hear from some of you, tell me what you think or your opinions on it?

Idk right now it seems like a pretty bad idea, and like I might get some drama from people about it. Help a girl out.


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  1. Go for it gurl! I think this would be an extremely helpful resource to other starting off lolis.