Saturday, August 25, 2012

Places to Go: Camping in Colorado-Part 2

Just like last time I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves. But a little back story first. During the summer you want to go hiking and exploring in the morning in the Rocky Mountains. This is because the heat and pressure pushes against the mountains (or something like that), and during the early evenings there are thunder storms. It would be terrible to be caught out in that when hiking. So even though it rained almost every evening, it did give me so cool pictures.

Just another cloudy day. You didn't really have to read this....

Rain on a window, because I am edgy like that. I make good art.

A clearing in the sky over the valley!

Can you see the rainbow? I freaked out when I saw it... Lol.

Some shady mountains... See what I did there?

See that dark spot on the bottom of the Picture? That is the ground. Just some more clouds!!!! 

My favorite picture, I like the contrast between the light and the dark. With some yellow flowers! Yay.

That is the mountains and clouds pictures. I hope they aren't a huge waste of your time. I found them awe-inspiring and majestic. I loved seeing the dark ominous clouds covering everything in the valley and making the mountains look terrifying.  It was just pretty freaking cool. 
Next time we are going hiking in Zapata Falls! So look forward to those awesome pictures. :)


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