Thursday, August 23, 2012

Places to Go: Camping in Colorado-Part 1

So the trip at this point is a huge blur to me... What I am going to do is let the pictures speak for themselves and add in a helpful word or two here or there.
So reading that top part, and seeing the part 1 title probably makes you a bit confused. I was gone for a week, in the Mountains... There are a lot of pictures to say the least. So much that I am NOT editing most of them if I can help it... Before I started to erase the ones I didn't like and what not, I had about 117 photos! And not much more because my camera started to die!!! So I did what I could. So there will be parts for sure! I hope you guys enjoy these posts as much as I enjoyed the camping trip, I didn't even want to come home.

That is it for this time. You got to see the camp grounds we stayed at, outside of The Great Sand Dunes. Next time you will get to see pretty clouds on the way back from my grandparents cabin.


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