Thursday, May 29, 2014

Birthday OOTD

If you have been checking my Tumblr then you might already have seen the outfit I am about to show you. But I highly doubt that you all have been checking my tumblr! (And this is going to be more detailed anyway!!)


May 19th was my birthday, and if you are Jamie you already know this story so you can skip this part.

I decided to wear my new Starry Night of Mother Goose Jsk by Baby the Stars Shine Bright in a coord that I had made on EASTER.
You might be wondering why I wrote Easter like that??? That is a good question, and one I will answer.... right now. For Easter my Mom wanted the whole family to go to church, and basically I figured if I have to wake up sinfully early to please her I will wear lolita to make the day better! (Not to displease my mom, she was actually really looking forward to me wearing the dress for Easter.) Okay, so than Easter Sunday comes around and I wake up only to find out we have to leave in 20-30 min! I figured the night before I could squeeze in a hour to get ready (seeing as I stayed up late setting everything out to be efficient), but I could not get dressed in full lolita garb in 20 min!!! So I skipped getting loli-ed out...

And was not happy because we were ridiculously early for the breakfast (we where some of the only ones in church and they didn't start feeding us until 30 min after we got there) and I could have used that time to get dressed up! But don't worry my readers, it only soured my mood till I got some food, I think the worst part was not that I didn't dress up, but that everyone knew what time we were meeting up but didn't tell me and than acted like it was my fault for not waking up in time to get dressed up. I'm over here like, "you didn't tell me when we needed to leave! No one told me, so how was I suppose to know that we would be leaving 30 min earlier than I had planned!!!!" ( F@$%#) It just really irritated me.

I ended up not wearing it for Easter so I wore it for my birthday instead!!!

The only thing I ended up changing was the socks, because I got new socks in the mail! So it all worked out~  

So with out further ado, here is my birthday Lolita Outfit!!!

I know its surprising that I am past 20 and still take crappy mirror shots, for this I am sorry
Outfit Rundown:
Jsk: Starry Night of Mother Goose by BtSSB
Blouse: Angelic Pretty's Candy Sprinkle Lucky Pack Blouse
Pink Flower Accessory: Metamorphose Temps De Fille
Headbow: Metamorphose Temps De Fille
Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Angelic Pretty

I tried to make this coord more interesting than some of my earlier ones. 
I liked the striped red socks and how they make the red in the bottom of the print pop out, however I would like to add more red accessories higher up in this outfit. I also used bows as a texture up through the outfit for more dimension but of course you can't see it in this pic, I did this by echoing the bows that are in the jsk print by using bows in the shoes, blouse and ultimately the headbow itself. The jsk also has a lot of flowers and musical notes in it, I chose to use my pink rose clip which matched the color of the dress very well to bring out the roses!

But it's not a bad lolita coord, since the last time I wore lolita was for Christmas! I also tend to do more simple outfits, I am still improving and my accidental year off didn't help! 

Next is a... Selfie!!!!!

Here you can actually see more of the smaller details up close, like the rose and the bows on the blouse!
 Ah! Yes, my face... I chose to go for as my brother called it a creepy clown/doll look. I made sure the face was clean and used powder that matched my skin tone for a flawless face like that of a doll, with blush placed high on my cheeks for a sick look. Than I used pink and brown eye shadows to make my eyes appear bigger, this was helped by white eye liner near my tear duct, on my water line, and smudged under my eye lashes next to my water line. Than I actually applied false eye lashes! Which started coming off even before the party was over. And just regular chapstick for my lips!

So that was my OOTD! I hope you enjoyed reading it! If you have any questions or seggestions don't be afraid to drop a line in the comments!!

Hope you are having a great day!



This is the Disney watch I received as a last min. present from my parents! It is a vintage Winnie the Pooh and Piglet watch! They gave it to me because Piglet is one of my favorite Disney characters!!


  1. I may have known the story, but I always read anyway!

    1. Hahaha that is because you are the best, seriously what would we do with out you?