Thursday, April 10, 2014

YouTube Shoutouts #2... Or Something Along Those Lines

What have you been doing recently!?
Its that time for another YouTube shoutout! Only this time it isn't just going to be just lolita!~ Here are some YouTube channels you should be following and videos you should be watching!!!

ALB's Chanel
This pink hair goddess should be on your list for sure! And I hope you all already follow her, she doesn't update a whole bunch... but when she does its a great time! She is a Lolita, though most of her videos aren't about the fashion. Though we do have fashion, make-up, and hair tutorials and talk videos. Along with that content we also have excellent geeky content! From the Walking Dead season finale video to a rant about sexism in nerd culture, ALB has us covered. She is a joy to watch, but also friendly and open. I really hope you try her blog out!!

No really go check her video's out there will be a quiz later!!!

Tokyo Fashion Chanel
The next channel you should check out is Tokyo Fashion's YouTube channel! (You should also go and check out there blog! Click here~~) There are some nice videos, and its a source about Tokyo straight from Tokyo! BUT.....

Elleanor's video Playlist!
This is the main reason I am talking to you. Elleanor!!! She just started making videos for Tokyo Fashions channel! She lives in Tokyo and now makes videos about what it is like being there... but more importantly what to do and where to go so far! Go check it out guys!

Kawaii Pateen Channel
Next is Kawaii Pateen! This is a fairly popular teen fashion magazine in Tokyo, however the YouTube channel is more about interviews than it is about page spreads. The reason I bring this up is...

Lolita Fashion Designer Video
All the awesome lolita related videos they have posted! This video linked above is a interview with a Baby designer. They also have many videos with Misako Aoki in them about make-up and new dresses. I highly suggest it if you are bored and want to watch something lolita related.

Last but not least is this clip from a NHK World show. This clip shows lolita fashion, and has been quite popular on tumblr recently as a reminder of a T.V. network doing the right research and layout of lolita fashion. It shows an interview with the BtSSB owners and a look into the factory that makes the clothes. It is a great video for a introduction in to the style. I enjoy watching it because of the look into a lolita's closet. Its fantastic!

Those are some of my suggestions this time around~ I hope you all enjoy them.
What has been up with most of you while I've been away? Everything going okay?

See ya soon!


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