Friday, January 16, 2015

Lolita Meet Up at the Denver Museum

Sooooo I am SUPER late at making this post! But I promise it is not my fault! I have enough time to go to meet ups and kinda participate in my local comm but with school its harder to make these really wordy and long post cause I need all that stuff for my papers!

ANYWAYS I will write about the Museum Meet Up I went to around Halloween! There were a couple of meet-ups hosted in the Local Community but I could only make it to one because I worked on the other days sadly!

Luckily for me Jamie was going too! So as usual she came over and got ready with me! Funnily we ended up looking pretty similar in our outfits! But then we had to go into Denver where the museum is! This meant taking the bus. Not only was it public transport (which is usually how we get around) it was one of the busier buses, which meant tons of people. But we managed okay, though we were a bit late! We were really excited to be seeing some new lolitas and seeing some friends too!

Goofy just finished getting ready picture with Jamie!
Make up of the day/Selfie on the bus! False Eye lashes again! Getting so good at these things!
When we got there I felt really dumb because I just got dressed up in lolita, but everyone else had themed outfits for Halloween! They all looked really fantastic! It was also super awesome walking in and spotting ruffle butts, it makes meeting up so easy. While we were waiting for one more person some little girls and mothers came up and said they loved our outfits... It was awesome.

Then we just walked in 'cause we are cool like that... Or you know it was free day at the museum, which ever story you like better. As we were deciding where to start in the museum a dinosaur came over and "attacked" us and we took so many selfies!

From there we went first to the mission to mars place, which matched one of the lolita's outfits so we took some pictures of her there and then a group shot! The first of many this day to be honest.
Group shot number one in mission to mars room! Right to Left we have me, a space fairy!, the wicked witch who ate Hansel and Gretel, Jaime, and a sweet bunny, and a new lolita friend.
Next we went to the gems and walked around in there and took more really goofy pictures...

Me and Jamie looking at our caged 'love'.
Then  we went up stairs and saw the taxidermy animals!The dinosaurs! And lastly we headed to the Ancient Egyptian exhibit...
Cute/ Funny face lolita selfie!

Group shot number two! This one was taken in the dinosaur exhibit!

Just funny picture of me...

Jamie and I being pretty cool! RIGHT!?

After all of that we were tired and took outfit shots in the best lighting we could find in the museum... Against a blank white wall!!!

Jsk: Milk
Blouse: Putumayo
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Head-bow: Sweet Rococo
Accessories: Gifts from friends/ off brand
Wig: Ebay

After taking pictures we dicided we were hungry and went to the Old Spegatti Factory downtown! But once we got there it was closed for another 30 min so we walked to Sakura Square and got some treats there, and once we walked back the restraunt was open! It was my first time eating there and I had so much fun, and loved it.

After eating me and Jamie went home, and the day was done.

Till Next Time!

P.S. Pictures were mostly taken by me, Jamie, and Chocolate Hime


  1. Hi ! :D I am new to Denver and I have been learning about lolita and getting dressed up n.n so amazing!. I'd love to chat and meet lolitas, do you guys have meet ups? :3

    1. Hey! Sorry for the late reply! We have a facebook page, you have to ask to join but all the community stuff happens on there. I hope that helps! Looking forward to seeing you!