Thursday, September 25, 2014

Good Bye Julie! My Second Meet Up in Downtown Denver

What! I just wrote about a meet up and now I am writing another one so soon! Yep!

You got me, I had said in the earlier post that Julie, a person I met was going back to Huston for school seeing as her internship was ending and the new semester was going to start, so me and Jamie hosted a meet-up to say good bye!

We decided it would be best and cheapest if we all got dolled up and just went to walk around 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver! We scheduled it for August 3rd, and it was my first time to host a meet-up, though I didn't do much so we will just call it hosting a 1/2 meet-up instead of a whole one.

This post will also be picture heavy! Tons and tons of pictures! So I will lightly be explaining what happened!
(On a second look there are a lot of pictures but they are mostly of us soooo........)


Jamie and Ashley came over to get ready like we always do! Jamie got ready really fast while it took me awhile this time! We got a ride the light rail luckily, which means we didn't take pictures until we got Downtown!

We waited for awhile at the Auraria Campus for Julie who lived in the area during the summer, it was easy for us to all meet up and then head for the Clock Tower at 16th Street Mall.

Julie was spotted immedently in her big puffy dress and red wig, she looked great!
We walked the two blocks to 16th street and started looking for the other ruffle butts, and saw Rae waiting for us (we were late). After doing some calling and Facebook checking we realized it was just going to be the five of us and headed towards some shopping and browsing!

We went to Forever 21 where they were having a buy a sale item and get another sale item 1/2 off! Then we walked around and went to the candy stores on 16th street and Claire's and Starbucks at least twice... No judging it was really hot out okay guys?

After awhile we got hungry and went to Crepes n' Crepes, it was my first time there and I really enjoyed it!

This was the Strawberry Sorbet Crepe! Picture by Rae (Get used to seeing this because she basically took all the pictures up ahead)

After that Jamie and I thought it would be really great if we went to Tattered Cover to take some pictures because that building Downtown is just so pretty!
What I didn't know is they remodeled the place so that you can't go upstairs anymore. It is just one story now, and very crowded because of that. But we still took pictures!

Jamie posing for a cute picture by Rae!
 We sat down in a random niche right away and this picture is one of the pictures Rae took before I suggested that we go to another room for "better" pictures.

Lolita silhouette picture, it was Rae's idea and her picture!

Taken by one of us on Rae's camera... Outfit details will be the next outfit pictures!

Me not knowing how to pose, picture by Rae

Me and Rae were shoe twins!

Ashley being a cute person while watching our stuff while we took pictures! Picture by Rae
Me being weird and funny. Rae thought it was funny how my dress stuck up in the back, so Picture by Rae

Cute picture with a bunny! Picture by Rae
 These are some of the pictures Rae took of us in that room!

Afterwards Rae suggested that we should go across the street to take better pictures because of the lighting! We choose a red doorway type thingy and went crazy!

Picture taken by Rae's camera, but one of us was holding it! She is wearing Angelic Pretty with  a mix of off brand items. She calls this her "grandma-kei" outfit
Julie is in Alice and the Pirates, she does mostly Pirate Lolita... Picture by... you guessed it Rae
Jamie in Bodyline and off brand items rocking it Gothic to bittersweet Lolita I think, Picture by Rae
Me! Get ready for detail version of what I am wearing! Picture by Rae  

Blouse: Sweet Rococo 
Jsk: Angelic Pretty Sugar Pansy Jsk
Tights and other accessories: Off Brand/Forever 21 I think
Shoes: Bodyline

All of us together! Picture taken by Ashley, but camera is Rae's
 All these awesome pictures with some really awesome lolitas! It was so much fun, then Rae said the she hasn't seen Union Station since the remodling so we walked over to it and....
Took more pictures!

Ashley leaning over the tracks, picture by Rae
Rae waiting for her train, picture on her camera but by one of us
Julie waiting for the ship to come in to port, picture by Rae
Jamie doing a pose by the tracks, picture by Rae
Me going to fall in the tracks because I've been waiting for the train so long, picture by Rae
As you can see we all got the same idea, Julie ended up doing it and then we all copied her... Cause that's how we roll! It was so much fun! But by then we were all tired so Rae invited us to her house for a quick game of Cards Against Humanity, so we all said yes!
We took the light rail... and got some more selfies!

Jamie and Rae on the light rail, selfie by Rae
Julie looking real cool in her new Forever 21 glasses, Picture by Rae
We played for about an hour before heading home again, I was pretty upset that we had to leave because we had so much fun!
We took the light rail back and said Goodbye to Julie and wished her a good trip back to Huston... I would be lying if I tried to say there wasn't tears in my eyes! 
I am so grateful that I had this amazing day with these wonderful ladies! I am so happy I got to meet Julie and that it was just us because the five of us had so much fun! I can't wait for us to meet up again in the future! 


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