Thursday, March 6, 2014

Trends, What Do You Want, What You Really Really Want

Today you will be reading all about trends...

in Loita of course!

But that doesn't mean that these aren't trends that you can't see else where in fashion.
Really I feel like an old goat so I want to talk about new trends I've noticed and...... how they have changed since I started Loita!

First thing first, you might be thinking I am crazy, you might also be thinking "where did this idea come from!!! Its not even like summer trends! Crazy old witch!!"
To which I say I am a crazy old witch, thank you.
However! I wanted to talk about trends after seeing Lilith Gray's video The Lecture in NYC where they talked about some of these trends, and that made me think of how things have changed since I started wearing lolita in 2010.
This Screen Cap come from the Angelic Pretty USA site! Click here to see more~

The first thing I noticed becoming really really popular is tights! I love the whole tights with lolita look, as I might have mentioned previously.
Plus sides for me: Can be easier to coord, cute desings, hides how short the dresses are sometimes.
Down sides: Still almost as expensive, can get  ruined pretty easily (depending on how often you wear them and the quality)

In 2010, when I first started wearing Lolita, the fashion was over the knee socks, with shorter ankle socks for the summer! Of course the styles on the socks have changed quite a bit.
This Picture Comes from the Gothic and Lolita Wigs Facebook! Click here to see more!

The other big trend I noticed was how hair styles are changing! A little while after I first started there was a boom of un-natural hair colors and wigs! Split wigs became all the rage, and everyone was doing it. But it seems that type of hair is not as popular, I see more and more girls with natural hair, natural looking wigs or a combination of both.
Plus Sides for me: Uh... Now I don't have to worry about trying to buy more wigs to match all the details in my clothes. Basically with natural looking hair, its easier to coord with you outfits...
Down Sides: I already bought a split wig.... Luckily its natural hair colors.

I've only really started to notice this trend recently, as I see that the wig places popular with lolita now mostly have natural hair colors, or not as many split wigs.
Sadly I couldn't find the source for this pic!

This next one is something I just realized as well, and might not have as much to do with Lolita.
This is the change in make up styles! It is still all about making you eyes look more doll like, but now it is also about looking more natural as well! No more giant clumpy lashes the new trend gods say! Its all about that natural enhanced look (helped by emphisasing your tear bags.)

Thanks to Google image search I believe this is Amo from the magazine Zipper!
Plus Sides for me: Hello new make up trends with out all of black eyeliner! Yay, no more worries about shaking and messing up the whole look!
Down Sides: I literally feel like I just mastered the old way of make up, you've got to be kidding me!

This is the last trend, and honestly one that kinda took me by surprised once the talked about it in the video, and then became obvious to me after they said it.
OTT sweet is on the way out! Classic Lolita is growing in popularity! NOW though, this doesn't mean that sweet lolita isn't still the giant of Lolita subcultures, I believe it is. But many of us are growing older and want to still wear lolita, but feel the OTT is a bit too much. So we are becoming less likely to but stars everywhere, but still buy what ever Angelic Pretty puts out for the next season.

What have you guys seen in trends??
Until next time!


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  1. I've noticed a lot of people want stories behind their prints, like they like the historically fueled print themes or themes from tv shows, books, or songs.