Sunday, October 7, 2012

Some New Things: Books

Hi guys!
So awhile ago I went to the book store and picked up some much needed books. In fact I got the book I was looking for on vacation! It was a great find... And I got some other books as well of course. This is me we are talking about...

I got Anne Rice's first book of the Sleeping Beauty series, it was pretty good and want to know what happens next, however I haven't had time to get it... So maybe next time!

So while book browsing in Costco I found the Grimm's Fairy Tales and wanted to buy it right away! But I remembered what John Green said, that buying books from places like Costco and Walmart puts book stores out of business. Like Borders. So I went to Barnes and Noble and bought this one instead. I am very happy with it, even if some of the stories do make me mad.

Next, so everyone has been saying great stuff about Neil Gaiman being so great so I checked him out on tumblr. And he convinced me to try out his books! Well, what I meant was that the way he replies to his questions and the quotes in his books convinced me to try him out. I started with his comic books, and omg, they were amazing! I adored it so much I was upset I didn't buy the next ones while I was there!

Last one! While traveling I picked up this book! It is about the stories and lives of people who died in the west. I really enjoyed it for this, as I was going through (still am actually) a huge period wild west thing, and the book was a great read!

Those are the new book I bought, I probably won't be buying much for awhile seeing as I finally got my own library card finally. If you want updates or still want to know what I am reading just leave a comment! Or if you still want me to do Some New Things: Books even with the books I checked out at the library just tell me. Hope to hear from you guys.


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