Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Letter to You


I have decided to write my first post as a letter to you the (hopeful) reader. I have been staring at my blog for a couple days now. I wanted to have a purpose behind it, a reason to write it... Basically a thesis on what my blog would be about. I have since then threw this ridiculous idea away. To put it more simply, this is my blog and I will put anything I want on it. (The exception being religion, politics, etc. Things I wouldn't talk to my family about unless I wanted there to be a fight.)

To get started lets talk about how everyone loves labels, I want this to be the place where labels go to die.(Unless you label yourself, I would totally consider myself a Lolita (Fashion)). This blog, as a good friend said, will simply just be me. I hope you all enjoy my craziness and what comes in store with that.

To extend on that, I want to feel like I have a community of people who actually care what I think about, and I will extend the same courtesy.

You may call me K.C., Kacey, or Cookie... Or whatever you like. (If you are out there.) And somethings you might want to know about me and this little space of the vast interwebs. I am in college, I live in Colorado. I consider myself or label my self as only these things: Lolita (of the fashion kind), and a cis female. In this atmosphere of thunder you will (once again hopefully) find acceptance and love, this (we need a nickname for this) little space is body positive, LGBTQ positive, and just all sorts of positive... As one of my sisters said, and you will often hear, is that you do you and I will do me.

I hope you enjoyed my first blogy thingy as much as I enjoyed writing it! And I look forward to writing many other things, as well as putting up videos and what not! Look forward to my first real blog, piece, article, whatever when I figure what to talk about.


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